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1Negotiable Instruments of course

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  • puedodharma
    Oct 14, 2008
      Wow guys, new to the group here, and not quite sure what this means...

      Does this mean that some of you have used Negotiable Instruments other
      than the favored Federal Reserve Notes to discharge debts?

      Let's hear some war stories! Cuz quite frankly, I'm beginning to
      think this whole sovereign thing is just a load of crap to raise up
      would-be free people's hopes and subsequently land them in a jail cell
      or FEMA camp.

      But then again, I don't have the money or lack of common sense to
      throw away on someone who claims they can use BOE's etc. to make
      money, and yet still asks for $2000+ to handle my case, like any good
      blood-sucker (lawyer) would do.

      Anybody got anything for me?
      Impress me, because as far as I'm concerned, Sovereign is a spiritual
      term, unrecognized by our emerging Fascist Superstate.

      Hit me.