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Where To Report (& Monitor) Voting Irregularities

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      NHNE News List
      Current Members: 1084
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      Thanks to Michael Dowd.


      Group Assists U.S. Citizens in Voting
      October 31, 2004

      A coalition of public-interest groups offers websites and a U.S. toll-free
      telephone hotline to report, track, and respond to U.S. election voting
      questions and problems. The "Election Incident Reporting System" (EIRS)
      <http://verifiedvoting.org/eirs/> helps citizens to vote and have their
      votes counted as intended. EIRS and related helpful resources are available
      now and beyond November 2nd.

      Voters can call a U.S. toll-free number 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683) to
      report voting irregularities or problems, request assistance, or ask for
      information. If needed, "rapid response" teams of trained attorneys and
      technologists will be dispatched.

      There is also a "do-it-yourself" incident reporting form on the Web at
      <http://voteproblem.org>. This alternative is for those who want to report a
      voting issue, but may not want to talk to an operator, or may prefer the
      convenience of web reporting from anywhere anytime. Although these web
      reports may not come to the attention of anyone in time to help in this
      election, they will be included in the EIRS total documentation for the 2004

      Anyone can view selected details of incidents at
      <http://voteprotect.org/index.php?display=EIRMapNation>. Interactive maps
      show incidents in the country by each state and county by problem type.

      In addition to assisting voters in the 2004 elections, the EIRS is
      collecting data on 2004 election incidents that will be made available for
      scholars, policymakers, the press, and the public. EIRS founders believe the
      collected data may also be useful for post-election litigation and
      legislation. EIRS data is available at <http://voteprotect.org> now and will
      continue to be updated.

      For reporting election irregularities, use the U.S. toll-free hotline at
      1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683), or the "do-it-yourself" form at
      <http://voteproblem.org>. To find and follow the reports use

      EIRS is sponsored by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, The
      Verified Voting Foundation, and the Election Protection Coalition. The
      Election Protection Coalition represents more than 60 member organizations
      representing a combined membership of over three million Americans. More
      information about these organizations can be found at:


      Erik Nilsson
      Chair, Working Group on Voting Technology
      Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
      206.979.4832 (cell)


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