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Titanic II

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      Plan for floating hotel -- full-size copy of ill-fated liner
      Ken Garcia
      SF Chronicle
      Thursday, November 2, 2000


      The Port of San Francisco has found itself in some very rough seas of late.
      Now it seems to be heading into uncharted waters.

      And out of the murky depths has come a grandiose idea for a big city run by
      people with big plans. It's huge. It's Titanic.

      Actually, it's Titanic II.

      The port is considering a proposal floated by a development group with close
      ties to the mayor to build an exact copy of the Titanic and to dock it at
      the cruise line terminal at Pier 35. The difference is that this ocean liner
      won't be cruising anywhere. Instead, it would be a 568-room floating hotel
      and conference center, with several restaurants and a small museum on board.

      The estimated $150 million project would include the construction of a ship
      860 feet long with 94-foot beam, featuring five decks of "luxurious"
      staterooms, an indoor swimming pool, an observation platform and the
      re-creation of the original ship's bridge, captain's cabin and wireless

      Titanic II, according to one of the founding partners of Maritime
      International LLC, would cater to high-end tourist groups and corporate
      clients. The partnership projects the ship as a four-star hotel with all
      amenities and a built-in niche market: Fans of "Titanic" the movie probably
      would find it irresistible, since the film has already grossed nearly $2
      billion worldwide.

      "The idea is to bring the Titanic back to life," partner Hans Ullmark told
      the Port Commission when the group presented it for the first time three
      weeks ago. "We'd like to combine the most beautiful city in the world with .
      . . the world's most beautiful ship. Welcome to Titanic II."

      The developers say the floating hotel would bring as much as $7 million to
      the local economy and provide for as many as 1,000 jobs. They contend,
      without providing details, that the new Titanic would be immediately
      profitable. And they added an only-in-San Francisco touch: To get cars off
      the Embarcadero, Titanic II would provide valet parking for 440 vehicles
      within its cavernous bowels.

      The group has given the port staff a glossy 16-page color brochure outlining
      the ship-hotel in breathless tones. "Titanic II will be as grand and
      majestic as the original when she captured the world's attention with her
      launching," the brochure reads. "So, too, her entrance under the Golden Gate
      Bridge will be a worldwide media event. We hope to have Kate Winslet and
      Leonardo DiCaprio riding the bow on her entrance into the bay."

      Hooray for Hollywood. If only she could sink once a day and give the
      tourists a good thrill ride along with their well-appointed stateroom.

      Yet like the awed scribes who wrote about the original passenger ship, which
      set sail from England on its way to New York in 1912, the group backing the
      plan is calling the floating hotel idea unsinkable.

      Or did they mean unthinkable?

      The proponents may not have to worry about ice this time. But public
      opinion? This ship is taking on water before it's even been built...

      "My God, you're kidding, right?" said one waterfront business owner when I
      told him about the idea. "That's straight out of Vegas. No, that's beyond

      Yet don't think for a minute that just because Titanic II seems like a
      publicist's over-saturated dream that this proposal won't receive serious
      consideration. Because one of the five founding partners of the development
      team is none other than Billy Rutland, a well-known lobbyist and a Friend of
      Willie (FOW) of the highest standing. Rutland has had to discuss his ties to
      the mayor on so many controversial projects that he's actually protested to
      reporters that he suffers because he's so close to the mayor...

      The developers certainly have no problem with it. Indeed, they're so excited
      about the prospect that they think if Titanic II comes to San Francisco's
      shore, other cities will want their own version, spawning Titanic III, IV,
      V, a virtual Hard Rock Cafe of the high seas.

      One small drawback remains. Despite their enthusiasm about the re- creation
      of the infamous passenger cruise ship, Titanic II would have only a
      6,000-horsepower engine, just enough to allow it to putter around the harbor
      if necessary.

      "So we could take her out for a little spin," Ullmark said. "But that's
      about all. If it gets built, she will have to be towed into the bay."


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