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Knights Templar To Use Latest Imaging In Search For Grail

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      Thanks to Jim Torson.


      By Paul Kelbie, Scotland Correspondent
      The Independent
      January 6, 2003


      For centuries the intricately carved stones of Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh
      have tantalised historians, archaeologists and devoted Christians.

      A labyrinth of vaults beneath the 15th-century home of the Knights Templar
      is reputed to contain dozens of holy relics, including early gospels, the
      Ark of the Covenant, the fabled Holy Grail -- and even the mummified head of

      More than 550 years after the first foundation stones were laid, modern
      technology is about to put the legend to the test.

      A group of Knights Templar, successors to the warrior monks who sought
      asylum from the Pope by fleeing to Scotland in the early 14th century and
      fought for Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn, are to make a "non-invasive"
      survey of the land around the chapel. They will use the latest ultrasound
      and thermal imaging technology in the hope of finding evidence of the
      existence of the vaults.

      "The plan is to investigate the land around the chapel to a depth of at
      least 20ft," said John Ritchie, Grand Herald and spokesman for the Knights

      "The machine we are using is the most sophisticated anywhere and is capable
      of taking readings from the ground up to a mile deep without disturbing any
      of the land.

      "We know many of the Knights are buried in the grounds and there are many
      references to buried vaults, which we hope this project will finally

      Rosslyn Chapel, or the Collegiate Chapel of St Matthew as it was to have
      been, was founded in 1446 by Sir William St Clair, third and last Prince of
      Orkney. Built as a celebration of Christ, it is also a monument to

      Bristling with flying buttresses and gargoyles in the highest Gothic style
      on the outside, the interior is carved with scenes from the Bible, the fall
      of man, the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the birth of Christ, the
      crucifixion and the resurrection.

      "Rosslyn is an amazing building. It is a book in stone but, because the
      symbolism which is written into the chapel is in a medieval language, we
      haven't even cracked the introduction page yet," Mr Ritchie said.

      Pillars and arches are covered with hundreds of exquisitely carved leaves,
      fruit, animals and figures. Some curious carvings are said to depict cactus
      and sweetcorn, chiselled before Columbus set foot in America in 1492.

      "There is a whole series of stuff on each section of the chapel, which
      relates to a different period of time," Mr Ritchie added. "We have to go
      back to the 15th century and read it with a medieval eye to understand what
      it all means. All these symbols relate to events in history. It is a book
      created in stone, which brings in all the apostolic religion, laid over by
      an astrological form which tracks the seasons, and the plants in the
      seasons." Both the Freemasons and the Knights Templar claim the ornate
      stonemasonry of the church is a secret code which, if broken, will reveal
      the whereabouts of treasures.

      One theory suggests that one of the ornate columns, known as the Apprentice
      Pillar, may contain a lead casket in which is hidden the legendary cup used
      by Christ at the Last Supper and later used to collect his blood, the
      so-called Holy Grail. "Once we understand the introduction page we will
      begin to understand what this book in stone means," Mr Ritchie added. "We
      hope to start as soon as possible and get a load of readings from it. We
      hope to at least find this burial place and maybe the Holy Grail itself."


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