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UFO: Whitley Strieber: Taken by Taken

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    NHNE News List Current Members: 751 Subscribe/unsubscribe/archive info at the bottom of this message. ... TAKEN BY TAKEN By Whitley Strieber Friday, December
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2002
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      By Whitley Strieber
      Friday, December 20th, 2002


      Taken was one of the most popular programs ever aired on the Science Fiction
      channel. It depicted an attempt at alien contact that failed due to a
      wrong-headed and violent human response. In the end, the beautiful young
      girl who was part human and part alien had to return to the alien world
      because we were just not capable of handling a relationship with her.

      This was primarily due to the activities of a violent, vicious and power
      hungry government group, who sought control over the situation and, most
      especially, the little girl. They were depicted as people to whom the lives
      of other human beings meant little, who were willing to murder in pursuit of
      their sick agenda.

      The abductees in the story all had implants, which sent out signals that
      were designed to locate them. When the aliens left, the implants dropped

      Prior to broadcasting the program, the SciFi channel did promotional
      documentaries about the Roswell Incident and the abduction phenomenon. Both
      documentaries took their subjects seriously.

      Overall, Taken was a boost for the UFO community. It was especially
      interesting that major advertisers did not hesitate to support either the
      documentaries or the program itself. I can recall, however, when we did the
      Confirmation special on NBC, major advertisers had no problem with it,
      either. Taken was the highest rated show the SciFi channel ever put on the
      air. It received an average rating of 1.9. Confirmation was the second
      highest program in its time period, with a far higher rating of 8.5. But
      this is, in part, due to the difference in audience access between one of
      the big three networks and the much smaller SciFi channel. Still, both
      programs were hugely popular and successful, because the public has a very
      high level of interest in the UFO phenomenon.

      But was Taken¹s premise an accurate reflection of the situation that
      actually exists? Is there a vicious government conspiracy to suppress UFO
      evidence and gain control of alien technology and knowledge? Are we, in
      fact, failing to make the grade as a species worthy of contact?

      The program did not answer any of these three questions correctly, but the
      answers were certainly available from the community of close encounter
      witnesses and in other places. Actually, the situation is extremely complex,
      but evidence supporting the Taken scenario is just not there.

      The first deficiency with the program was that it essentially repeated
      Steven Spielberg¹s continuing premise that wonderful aliens are here but
      being resisted by a government obsessed with power and control. The problem
      with this is that whatever is here‹and it is by no means decided that an
      alien presence is definitely involved‹has a dark side, and without
      addressing that, you cannot really make a meaningful statement about the
      situation. Secondly, the government¹s position is much more complicated than
      Spielberg would have us believe. Third, the abductee community is not as it
      was portrayed, nor is the close encounter experience nearly as simple as it
      was made to seem.

      In addition, the idea that the visitors do not have emotions is simply
      false. They have extraordinary emotions, and I say that as a person who has
      been involved in the emotional life of the beings called Œgreys.¹ They are
      not androids, or creatures with vast intelligence and no feelings. On the
      contrary, they are rich, immeasurably complex personalities. In my
      relationship with them, there has been anger, joy, love, terror‹every
      extreme of emotion you can name, including jealousy and desire and longing,
      and all of it writ large. The truth is, when they are seen by witnesses as
      cold or robotic, it is because they are afraid. Sometimes, they are afraid
      of the witness. Sometimes, they are afraid of their own desires, which can
      overwhelm them and endanger them, in the same sense that uncontrollable
      desires can lead, among us, to all sorts of violent and criminal activity.

      I do not know exactly why there are aspects of the close encounter
      experience that are so awful, and so unlike what, for example, I have
      experienced. Once I got over my fear, my life with the visitors was
      tremendous fun. I got to do things and see things that I do not think
      anybody else has ever gotten to do and see, at least, nobody who has been
      willing to write about it. I had a fabulous adventure in inner work and
      outer discovery. In fact, it¹s still going on. And there is no evidence
      whatsoever that the visitors are about to leave. On the contrary, they are
      both so compassionate and so greedy that I doubt that they will ever leave.
      In fact, they are as much a part of our world as we are.

      I have wondered, however, if some of them might not be insane, or defective
      in some other way. Mr. Spielberg was right when he postulated that they were
      trying to make people that mix their being with ours. To some extent, it¹s
      about DNA, indeed‹but only in the sense that a sign is about paint. The
      mixing that is being attempted goes deeper, much deeper. There are elements
      of being that we have not yet named‹that we vaguely refer to using the old
      Egyptian concept of the soul‹that are very much a part of nature, and that
      are governed by natural laws just like anything else. There is no
      supernatural. There are only elements of the conscious world that we can
      detect and elements that we can¹t.

      The visitors not only understand the science of the soul, their technologies
      penetrate into levels of being that are hidden to us. Some of the things
      that they can do are completely incredible and appalling. Souls are vastly
      informed. The nature of consciousness is holographic. The brain is not a
      repository of intelligence but a filter of intelligence. This world is not
      an accident. It was constructed intentionally by conscious creatures who
      devised it as a place in which eternal being, infinitely informed, could
      experience the one thing that it does not have: the new. We filter out
      knowledge and awareness so that we can taste the full energy of our
      discoveries and our mistakes.

      The real reason that we fear the visitors is that they are not like us in
      this respect. They cannot make discoveries or mistakes. They have reached
      the limits of knowledge. What they want from us is innovation: they are here
      to taste the excitement of the new. This is why some of the astronauts who
      went to the moon saw strange things. They were on a cosmic stage, engaged in
      one of the purest and most sought- after experiences in the whole history of
      consciousness: touching a new world, truly, for the first time. (And please
      don¹t write me with crap about us never going to the moon. I know a number
      of the lunar astronauts personally, and I can assure you, they went. I also
      know, from the visitors, that they went, because I have seen and tasted what
      the visitors saw and tasted in those days.)

      But how do you reconcile all of this sublime material with things like
      cattle mutilation, the sadistic destruction of housecats, and grotesque
      murders? I will tell you this: I have also been with beings who literally
      radiate evil. I have been face to face with such beings, and seen in their
      faces a lurid greed for me that was absolutely terrifying. It is possible to
      become addicted to emotional extremes, and I think that this has something
      to do with what makes some of the visitors go so wrong. Also, they very much
      desire to overcome certain barriers to their walking among us, and this has
      led some of them to do quite horrible things.

      I have met and had in my life people who were created out of a mixing of
      species, so I don¹t think that Mr. Spielberg was wrong about that, either.
      Such people do exist. But my experience of them was not anything like Taken.
      I have not met any angels, I can assure you. What I have encountered were
      complicated, almost deranged, chain-smoking, frantic beings who were
      obviously suffering. One of these beings spent years with us, living on the
      periphery of our lives. He was the most terrible person I have ever
      encountered. The idea that he was near us, was obsessed with us, was able to
      move around the country when we did, was able to participate in our thoughts
      and was avidly interested in our most private experiences‹which he invaded
      at will‹all of this was disturbing.

      As needful and intense as he was, he was also protective of us. Back when we
      had our old cabin in upstate New York, Anne and I once went skinny-dipping
      in our pool behind our house. It was absolutely private. Nobody could see us
      and nobody was around. But he was there, in the woods just behind the pool,
      and he was absolutely appalled at what we were doing. He raced back and
      forth in the leaves breaking branches, slapping trees, grabbing limbs and
      shaking them, until finally we went inside. Later, I went walking in the
      woods. He appeared at a distance, hands on hips, glaring at me.

      Later, when we moved to a condominium in Texas, he came too. But a
      condominium in a city was not the same as a house in the country, and he was
      soon the source of tenant complaints. They saw what they thought was a boy
      looking into windows and climbing on balconies. Finally, he left, huffing
      away down the middle of the street, never to be seen again.

      He was an awful mess. He pried into our personal lives. He oppressed us. But
      it was all out of a zeal for a companionship that he could never quite

      The reason that he could not achieve this level of total contact felt
      emotional, but its actual origins lie deep in the mysteries of physics, and
      lead me to the issue of what the government is actually doing and why, and
      why there cannot at this time be direct, open contact with the visitors, and
      why any sort of final, absolute government disclosure is unlikely.

      The government and the visitors both have the same problem: there is a
      barrier in physics to direct contact that will remain in place until the
      human mind makes room in its fundamental reality for their existence. At the
      highest levels, the intelligence officers who work on the problem of the
      visitors believe that official disclosure would lead to general acceptance,
      most notably among the most highly potentiated human minds‹the scientists
      and intellectuals who now believe that the whole thing is utter bunk.

      What is this mysterious issue in physics that controls contact? It is
      succinctly stated by J.A. Wheeler in his participatory universe hypothesis:
      ³All things physical are information-theoretic in origin and this is a
      participatory universeŠObserver participancy gives rise to information; and
      information gives rise to physics.² Conversely, this means that, if there is
      information which a constructing observer does not participate in, its
      physics will not be available to that observer.

      This concept originated in the work of John von Neumann, who was profoundly
      involved in the original decision to keep the whole matter of the apparent
      alien presence a secret. For an interesting discussion of both Wheeler and
      von Neumann¹s ideas, click here
      (http://www.geocities.com/saint7peter/DeepDiscussionwithHiley.html). I have
      also written a novella about von Neumann¹s ideas entitled ³The Open Doors²
      that appears in the retrospective of my shorter fiction, Evenings With
      Demons. Unfortunately, the book is rare, but the story will be reprinted in
      a new anthology of alien-related writings this year that will be made
      available over this website.

      The fact that we do not include the visitors in our version of the universe
      is why we have missing time when we are in contact situations. Nothing is
      done to us. In fact, the visitors are fighting missing time. They are
      fighting our minds for space in our reality. This is what the theatre in the
      sky is all about, it is the primary reason for the attempts at contact and
      interaction. They are fighting what is for them a very real war, and the
      elements that are here are a tough military force: they are fighting to get
      the human mind to include them in the basic information out of which it
      assembles its reality.

      If‹or when‹this happens, there will be fundamental and absolute change. The
      visitors won¹t invade. They will simply be here, all around us.

      There are two ways that this could happen: one would be, presumably, if the
      government disclosed the fact that they were real and the leaders of our
      scientific and intellectual communities agreed. This might conceivably bring
      a weight of acceptance that would fundamentally alter the fabric of
      perception to include the visitors. But nobody is certain that it would
      actually change anything, and nobody wants to find out, for the simple
      reason that the door, once opened, can never again be closed. Without
      understanding what that would mean, the government will never make this sort
      of disclosure. And given the horror of some of the things that have been
      observed, obviously it cannot take the risk.

      The other would be if the efforts of the visitors make it happen. Every
      close encounter, every UFO sighting, every program like Confirmation or
      Taken‹all of these things play into the visitors¹ hands. It is possible, as
      I have stated in these columns before, that the balance could be tipped in
      2003. The simple reason for this is that the closest Mars opposition in
      years will occur in August, and Mars oppositions enable the visitors to
      bring much more equipment, as it were, to bear on the situation. Using this
      oppostion, could they create such an extensive theater in the sky that
      official disclosure will become irrelevant? Possibly. The greater question
      is, do they want to, and only time can tell us that.

      But is the fusion of perceptual systems that I am talking about really to be
      desired? It has happened on other planets, and in the cases I know about,
      been interestingly successful. But if there have been failures, I¹m fairly
      sure they would have been concealed from me, especially if they resulted in
      particularly dreadful situations, as would probably be the case.

      In the process of interacting with the visitors, I have been able to taste
      the sense of annihilation that comes from allowing oneself to be subsumed
      into their perceptual universe. It evokes a fear much worse than death,
      because the part of one that is eternal senses it as a threat. The
      shattering of reality is a much greater threat to the mind than death. The
      mind knows that it survives death. It has no way of knowing what will happen
      to it if the reality upon which it counts for its contact with meaning
      should suddenly be undercut.

      But there are layers and layers to all this, and this gets me to another
      failing of Taken: it is not based on insider information, but rather on
      suppositions gained from talking to people who are not in possession of such
      information, or reading books that do not contain it. I do not define
      Œinsider¹ here as a member of one of the secret government communities who
      know for certain that the visitors are real, but rather as a person who has
      had direct and viable contact‹in short, an abductee who has overcome the
      crippling effects of missing time enough to include at least some of his
      encounters in his ordinary reality.

      When he does this, he finds that he has another, separate self who possesses
      extensive knowledge of his hidden life. It¹s why witnesses often report
      knowing their captors. It¹s why, during my second hypnosis session, I
      unexpectedly flashed back to a childhood encounter with the same being I met
      on the night of December 26, 1985.

      These millions are the insiders I mean, because they are the foundation of
      contact. It is their lives that will change first‹ that have already
      changed, in some cases‹and they who will appear from the social backstreets
      and hinterlands to lead the new movement of mankind toward a life reconciled
      with the visitors, and at last extending the reach of human being beyond the
      confines of this one planet and into the cosmos where it belongs.

      In this, also, Mr. Spielberg was wrong: we are not going to be abandoned by
      the visitors because we¹re not ready. We¹re ready as soon as we can
      correctly understand what¹s going on. Our history, our violence, our greed,
      our beauty, our achievements and failures: none of these will cause us to
      pass or fail the test.

      So I was very disturbed by the depth of negativity in Taken. Beautiful
      aliens were driven off by the greed of an evil government. But it just is
      not so. A very complicated, multi- layered event is unfolding here. If I
      managed to do anything right in my previous work, it was to say that the
      visitors are what the force of evolution looks like when it is applied to a
      conscious mind. Growth and change are not necessarily pretty. If you were a
      dinosaur, the objects that hit the earth and shattered their world would
      have seemed demonic in origin. But to one of us, looking back and
      contemplating that if the dinosaurs had not been killed, we never would have
      been born, those same asteroids seem guided by the hand of a benevolent God.

      So it is now.


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