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Fundraiser Update

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    Hello Everyone! Here s a quick fundraiser update. So far, 27 folks have donated $1260.00 to our Fall/Winter fundraising drive. This means we only need $830.00
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2002
      Hello Everyone!

      Here's a quick fundraiser update.

      So far, 27 folks have donated $1260.00 to our Fall/Winter fundraising drive.
      This means we only need $830.00 more to reach our $2090.00 goal.

      To inspire those of you who may be itching to send something in, but can't
      quite find the inspiration necessary to do so, I thought I would tell you a
      little bit about what your contributions support.

      The most important thing your contributions support is our network. NHNE has
      the proud distinction of being one of the oldest spiritually-oriented
      networks on the Internet. Our first newsletter appeared online eight years
      ago in October of 1994. In Internet time, that's eons ago, before even
      Netscape and Explorer were born and the web emerged as a global phenomenon.

      But longevity is not our main claim to fame. Our main claim to fame is that
      we've had eight years of "Internet time" to connect with some of the most
      innovative, well-informed, and well-connected people on the planet. This
      means we have like-minded people all over the world sending us news and
      information about every cool thing under the sun; this means we have a
      wealth of cutting-edge, often difficult to find information, news reports,
      special reports, and other materials databased on our websites; this means
      when crisis comes knocking on our personal and/or collective doors we have
      others, who share similar goals and perspectives, to turn to for support,
      inspiration, and information we can trust.

      How much is a network like this worth?

      It's priceless, of course, especially when it is the conduit through which
      some life-changing, perhaps even life-saving bit of information reaches us.

      And your donations keep it going.

      So if you feel the inner nudge, I encourage you to send in a few bucks this
      holiday season. Your donations will help us end the year in the black and
      begin the new year knowing the folks that make up our network are determined
      to keep it going...

      With love and best wishes,
      David Sunfellow

      To make a tax-deductible donation:

      Web: https://www.merchantamerica.com/newheavennewearth/merchantpay
      eMail: nhne@...
      Phone: (928) 282-6120
      Fax: (815) 346-1492
      Mail: NHNE, P.O. Box 2242, Sedona, AZ 86339
      Credit Cards: Please include number, expiration date, phone number.


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