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The Make A Difference Project

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      My eldest daughter, Jeremia, was recently given a school assignment to come
      up with a project that made a difference in the world. After pondering a
      couple original ideas, Jeremia and her project teammates decided to run with
      an innovative organization that has already proven itself in the real world:
      Heifer International (previously known as "The Heifer Project").

      Many of you will remember me writing about "The Heifer Project" a couple
      years ago -- and encouraging you to use some of the money you normally spend
      on holiday gifts to purchase a few animals, trees, and/or bees to help
      impoverished families dramatically improve their lives (The Heifer Project,
      12/13/2000, <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nhnenews/message/900>).

      In this post, I'll let Jeremia re-introduce Heifer International and simply
      encourage those of you who are interested in supporting Heifer International
      again, to send your donations to Heifer through Jeremia. This will allow
      Jeremia and her teammates to pool the donations they receive to purchase
      larger, more substantial gifts for the families they are seeking to help.
      Your contributions will also help some idealistic college students feel that
      their efforts to make a difference in the world are well placed and

      --- David Sunfellow


      From Jeremia Sunfellow

      My name is Jeremia Sunfellow. I am currently a student at Northern Arizona
      University. I have recently been given an assignment in my Environmental
      Conservation class that is called "The Make A Difference Project". The focus
      of this project is to find something that will make a significant difference
      in the world or in our community, and put it into action.

      My group and I have chosen to work with Heifer International.

      What is Heifer International?

      Heifer International started over fifty years ago with a young volunteer who
      realized that impoverished people needed more than short term handouts; what
      they needed was the opportunity to become self-sufficient. According to
      Heifer International's website:

      "In the 1930s, a civil war raged in Spain. Dan West, a Midwestern farmer and
      Church of the Brethren youth worker, ladled out cups of milk to hungry
      children on both sides of the conflict. It struck him that what these
      families needed was 'not a cup, but a cow.' He asked his friends back home
      to donate heifers, a young cow that has not borne a calf, so hungry families
      could feed themselves. In return, they could help another family become
      self-reliant by passing on to them one of their gift animal's female calves.
      The idea of giving families a source of food rather than short-term relief
      caught on and has continued for more than 50 years. As a result, families in
      115 countries have enjoyed better health, more income and the joy of helping

      To this day, Heifer International works with people around the world to
      teach them sustainable farming practices and "offer hungry families around
      the world a way to feed themselves and become self-reliant".

      The Heifer program raises livestock such as chickens, rabbits, cows, sheep,
      bees, and goats.

      When an animal is purchased Heifer volunteers will travel to an area in need
      and train the family or local people in the care and sustainable use of the
      animal. The only condition being that the family that first receives the
      gift, must give a female offspring of the animal to another family, and
      teach them how to care for it.

      Heifer International has also been named by Worth Magazine as one of the 100
      best charities in the US:


      Our goal is to raise enough money to send life-changing gifts to at least
      five families in need. Because of the nature of Heifer International, the
      residual effect of these gifts will help many more people than the five
      families we originally help.

      If you are interested in supporting our "Make A Difference Project", you can
      send your checks or money orders to:

      Jeremia Sunfellow
      2800 S. Highland Mesa Rd.
      Bld. 18 Apt 108
      Flagstaff AZ, 86001

      Please make checks and/or money orders payable to "Jeremia Sunfellow" and
      indicate, on the memo of your check, that they are for "Heifer

      If you are interested in supporting the work of Heifer International
      directly, without participating in our Make A Difference project, a wide
      assortment of farm animals, trees, and bees can be donated through the
      Heifer International catalog:


      If you have questions about Heifer Interntional or our school project, I
      invite you to write me at <alluraeve@...> and I will do my best to
      answer your questions.


      Jeremia Sunfellow


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