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Hundreds Miss Out On Autopsy

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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2002
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      Wednesday, November 20, 2002


      The first public autopsy in Britain for 170 years has gone ahead despite
      official warnings the event was illegal.

      Disappointed crowds outside German Professor Gunther von Hagens'
      controversial Body Worlds exhibition in Brick Lane, east London said the
      waiting list for the last available seats was 1,000 names long.

      Prof von Hagens launched into a lengthy and impassioned defence of his
      actions in which he claimed to be acting in the name of democracy and
      demystifying the medical profession.

      Among the 500-strong audience were anatomy professors, asked to attend by
      Scotland Yard after a Government inspector warned that the autopsy could be

      Moments before starting the dissection, the professor, assisted by a German
      doctor and another from Rotherham, South Yorkshire said he regarded his
      audience as "newcomers" to the science of anatomy.

      One of his assistants said the body the autopsy was performed on was that of
      a 72-year-old man, adding: "He had a normal life, there was nothing
      exceptional in his life, he was a businessman, an employee, who lost his job
      at the age of 50. At that time he started drinking."

      The man had drunk up to two bottles of whisky a day and was a heavy smoker
      for the last 50 years of his life, the audience were told.

      The 72-year-old had donated his body to the Body World's exhibition which
      opened in Britain earlier this year, showing preserved human corpses in a
      variety of poses. His organs will be taken back to Germany after the
      post-mortem to be "plastinated" to form part of the exhibition, the
      professor said.

      Most of those queuing to watch the autopsy either live or on big screens set
      up in a nearby gallery said they found the prospect of watching such an
      operation fascinating.

      Social Worker Tina McGarry, 41, from Watford, said as long as all parties
      were consenting she was perfectly happy with the public staging of an
      autopsy. "I think it can be educational to some people. We have become too
      sterile in our communities, we don't see death. I think that's one of the
      reasons why some people find it sick," she said.


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