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UFO: First Systematic, Professional, Medical Investigation Of Abductions

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      By Budd Hopkins
      Sci Fi Channel Website
      March 2002


      At approximately 5:30 p.m., "Jim M." said goodbye to "Marion," his wife,
      went into the garage and started his car, intending to drive to a nearby
      hospital to visit a sick friend. He backed the van out of the garage but
      then immediately pulled back in, feeling rather strange. In his mind was the
      thought that he had forgotten something, and that perhaps his wife would
      know what it was he'd forgotten.

      "Where have you been?" she asked, obviously worried. "Why are you so late?"
      Confused and not feeling well, Jim could only reply, "I think I must have
      forgotten something." Marion gasped and said, "Have you been in an accident?
      There's blood on you!" A few moments later, as she turned to dial 911, Jim
      fainted and dropped to the floor. When he regained consciousness he was in
      the emergency room of a hospital -- ironically, the same hospital he had
      planned to visit that evening to see his sick friend.

      He was aware that his clothes had been removed and that he was lying on a
      gurney, attended by hospital personnel, a state trooper who had accompanied
      the ambulance, and his wife and his personal physician. In answer to their
      questions, he said that he had no idea what had happened to him. When he was
      told that it was nearly 11:00 p.m., he realized that almost five hours were
      missing from his recall.

      Jim M. is an extremely intelligent man in his late fifties. He has been
      married for more than 30 years. He holds one Ph.D. in engineering and
      another in marketing and has had a successful business career in the field
      of communications. Generally healthy, he has never been subject to fainting
      spells, blackouts or seizures of any kind. He does, however, have many
      fragmentary recollections of apparent UFO-abduction experiences, dating all
      the way back to his early childhood.

      It was explained to him in the hospital that there had been bloodstains on
      the front of his trousers and on his face, as if the blood there had come
      from his nostril. The stains on his trousers were apparently the result of
      extensive bleeding from the bladder, and there were no wounds anywhere on
      the surface of his skin. He told the doctors that he had no idea what had
      caused the bleeding and that he did not recall having been in any kind of
      accident. He was checked into the hospital for the night and made as
      comfortable as possible. The police later examined his van and ascertained
      that it had not been damaged in any way. Whatever happened to Jim was not
      the result of an automobile accident.

      His internist, "Dr. C.," has been his physician for more than 30 years, and
      they have become quite friendly. Several years earlier, Jim had related his
      suspicions about past UFO-abduction experiences to Dr. C., showing him a
      cluster of three large, reddish dots, arranged in a perfect equilateral
      triangle, on his upper arm. These marks had suddenly appeared roughly 10
      years earlier, along with a second, nearly identical set on his lower leg.
      It was, therefore, not surprising that Dr. C., a refreshingly open-minded
      physician, entertained the idea that Jim's current incident of missing time
      and internal bleeding might somehow be connected with the abduction

      The next morning, Dr. C. and another physician administered a cystoscopy to
      their patient in order to explore the source of the bleeding in his bladder.
      This technique, in which a thin viewing tube is inserted into the patient's
      urethra, revealed that the bladder lining was abraded, as if it were the
      result, in one doctor's description, of "a botched [previous] cystoscopy."
      The blood on Jim's face apparently came from a small wound deep in one his

      Even more intriguing to the medical personnel who, by now, had become quite
      interested in Jim's mysterious medical problems, was the result of a second
      cystoscopy undertaken a week later. In an effort to check the condition of
      his damaged bladder lining, the doctors discovered that in just a few days
      the lining was 100 percent healed. "I've never seen anything like it," one
      of the physicians told me. "We're all scratching our heads."

      Curious to explore the issue further, the group of doctors came up with a
      plan. A certain combination of relaxing, experimental drugs, they felt,
      might allow Jim to recall what happened that night. He readily agreed to
      undergo this chemical regression, and with a number of witnesses present,
      the experiment took place. His recollections began at the moment his car
      suddenly stopped, somewhere along an unfamiliar tree-lined lane. He
      described the headlights turning off, and when he tried to call for help, he
      found that his radio and cell phone were dead.

      As he sat in his van, wondering where he was and becoming more fearful, he
      noticed a distant light slowly approaching. After a moment, in a flash of
      terror, he recognized it as a large, hovering UFO, its appearance familiar
      to him from earlier abduction memories. Trapped in his car, unable to move
      or defend himself in any way, he watched in dread as three small gray beings
      came up beside the driver's-side door. They gently removed him from his car
      and floated him into the craft. There he was stripped of his clothes and
      placed on a table, and though he was silently cursing his captives, he could
      do nothing to resist them. His fear deepened when he saw a tall,
      praying-mantis-like figure facing him, and was told, telepathically, that
      because he always resisted their procedures, they would now let him feel
      some pain. He cried out in helpless agony as waves of excruciating pain
      flooded his genitals.

      Shocked by Jim's obvious pain and terror, the doctors who were conducting
      his chemical regression now considered sedating him further until the drugs
      wore off, but ultimately decided to continue what they hoped would
      eventually be a powerful and therapeutic emotional catharsis. Minutes later,
      Jim described how another of his captors, a small gray being, approached him
      and telepathically said that he would now end the pain. As it magically
      ebbed away, Jim felt profound gratitude for this familiar-seeming gray alien
      -- and unbounded hatred for the mantis-like creature who had so callously
      and deliberately injured him.

      Some time later Jim was returned to his car and informed that he "would soon
      be in a place where he would be taken care of." The next thing he recalled
      was driving into his garage and telling his wife that he had forgotten

      The physicians and other witnesses of this dramatic and disturbing
      hours-long regression were aware that Jim's recollections matched perfectly
      with the inexplicable internal injuries that they, themselves, had observed.
      The end result is a watershed event in the history of UFO-abduction
      research. Several of the doctors involved in Jim's case -- internists,
      psychiatrists, a neurologist, a dermatologist and other specialists -- have
      decided to form a research group to objectively study not only Jim's
      situation, but also those of a number of other people in their combined
      patient populations. Dr. C. informed Jim that each of these physicians are
      treating patients who, at various times, had also described UFO abduction

      This extremely important program is, to my knowledge, the first systematic,
      professional medical investigation ever undertaken of UFO abductions and
      their physical sequelae. It is being conducted privately and confidentially.
      The physicians have rented an office and a post-office box, installed a
      private telephone line and hired several part-time researchers. A control
      group of patients who do not describe themselves as abductees has been
      selected, and the research project is underway.

      Four years before this traumatic event in his life, Jim had contacted me to
      talk about his memories of childhood UFO-abduction experiences. It was
      obvious to me then that he was extremely frightened -- so frightened, in
      fact, that he did not want to explore these partial recollections through
      hypnotic regression. Now, after this recent encounter, he felt differently
      about the matter. He was eager to find out where, how and why he had driven
      to the tree-lined lane that night, since the earlier, chemical regression
      had not dealt with those issues. And so it was that four months after the
      experience, Jim came to my studio in New York for a hypnotic regression
      intended to trace his movements from the time he backed out of his garage to
      the moment his car stalled and all electrical power systems failed. We were
      both extremely curious to locate the actual scene of his abduction.

      After I induced a relaxed trance state, we proceeded slowly and methodically
      to follow the earliest events of that night. Jim recalled driving his usual
      route toward the hospital, but then he suddenly made a right turn down an
      unfamiliar side road. Then, as if his decisions were being externally
      controlled, he made another turn down another small, unfamiliar country
      lane. At each turn, I asked him to look around to see if there was a street
      sign. Jim reported the street names as he saw them and I carefully recorded
      them in my notes. His descriptions were exact -- a row of mailboxes, an
      electrical transformer box, a sharp right turn on "X" street and so on.
      Finally, he described driving down the narrow, tree-lined lane, and turning
      into a grassy field. Almost all these details were new, and they were
      amazingly precise. It was in this grassy field that his car engine died and
      the headlights went out. It was here, rather than on the road, where the UFO
      landed and the abduction took place.

      I ended the hypnotic regression with a series of post-hypnotic suggestions
      aimed at strengthening Jim's sense of courage and empowerment. I also asked
      him not to try to locate the abduction site until I could accompany him and
      have the trip videotaped. Naturally, neither of us could be certain that his
      recollections of street signs and locations were accurate.

      Several weeks later, in July, I traveled to Jim's home with a video
      cameraman to retrace the route he had recalled under hypnosis. We
      transferred to Jim's car, and as he drove, the cameraman filmed our
      conversation from the back seat. We proceeded until we came to the place Jim
      recalled having made his first turn. The street sign was large and clear,
      matching the name he had remembered under hypnosis. The same was true of the
      second sign; his recollections, so far, were absolutely on target.

      When we came to the row of mailboxes and the transformer box at the entrance
      to the tree-lined lane, Jim became increasingly uneasy. I have often seen
      this reaction in abductees who come across evidence that seems to confirm
      the reality of their encounters. Most would prefer to believe that maybe --
      just maybe -- their abductions never took place. Solid evidence that these
      traumatic events occurred exactly as they recalled is more often a source of
      anguish rather than reassurance.

      Worst of all for Jim that afternoon was the clear sight of tire tracks in
      the grass. He stopped his car and the three of us gazed at a perfectly clear
      set of tracks that led from the narrow lane out onto the field of tall
      grass, and then ominously stopped. (Interestingly, there was no second, more
      irregular set of tracks to show he had backed his car out of the field.
      Perhaps, as has happened before, the aliens somehow floated the vehicle,
      with the injured driver inside, up and out of the grass and onto a road
      closer to his home. This is an issue Jim and I will explore in an upcoming
      hypnosis session.)

      So far, all aspects of the investigation have been recorded, either on
      audiotape or videotape. The panel of physicians conducting the medical
      investigation have contacted me for further information about the
      phenomenon, and were surprised to learn that I have dealt with five other
      abductees who apparently suffered the same bleeding from the bladder in
      connection with their encounters. One of these abductees is himself a
      distinguished physician and another a police officer of the highest

      Much more can be said about Jim's case and the investigations that are
      underway. In a later piece I will present an update, as well as informed
      speculation about the purpose of the alien procedures that have caused
      abductees these serious but temporary bladder injuries.

      Stay tuned.


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