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UFO: The Sci Fi Channel Tackles Roswell

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      Now here's some important news: As a part of it's aggressive, multi-faceted
      investigation into UFO's, the Sci Fi Channel recently sponsored a secret
      excavation of the 1947 Roswell crash site. According to a press release we
      received yesterday, they used "state-of-the-art remote sensing technologies
      and modern archeological forensic science under the supervision of the
      University of New Mexico" to re-examine the crash site. The resulting two
      hour documentary promises to present a "smoking gun" bombshell. Hosted by
      Bryant Gumbel, the show is scheduled to air Friday, November 22, at 8 PM on
      the Sci Fi Channel.

      Along with the upcoming November 22 documentary, the Sci Fi Channel has also
      dedicated a section of their website to UFO research. Among other things,
      this section contains a comprehensive, evolving column, written by Roswell
      researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt, called "The Roswell Report". I have
      included two informative excerpts from their report with this message.

      Thanks to Jim Torson for alerting us to this story.

      --- David Sunfellow


      CONTACTS: Kat Stein



      New York, N.Y., October 29, 2002 - As part of SCI FI Channel's recently
      announced advocacy initiative to help bring scientific, congressional and
      media attention to the UFO phenomenon, the Channel turns to the tools of
      modern science to help unravel the decades-old mystery of the "Roswell
      Incident." Utilizing state-of-the-art remote sensing technologies and modern
      archeological forensic science under the supervision of the University of
      New Mexico, SCI FI announces its coordination and sponsorship of a landmark
      scientific excavation of the 1947 crash site. Working under top secret
      conditions, skilled archeologists set out to unearth conclusive physical
      evidence to help prove or disprove what some claim is science fiction -- the
      crash of an extraterrestrial craft.

      Considered by many as the "Holy Grail" of all UFO stories, the "Roswell
      Incident" has captured the imagination of the public for years. Did an
      actual UFO crash outside of Roswell, N.M., in July 1947? Out of those
      Americans who know of the "Roswell Incident," less than three in ten (28%)
      believe the "official" government story of a weather balloon crash at that
      site, according to a 2002 national Roper poll commissioned by SCI FI.

      To chronicle this groundbreaking archeological investigation, SCI FI sent
      its documentary cameras into the deserts of New Mexico for THE ROSWELL
      CRASH: STARTLING NEW EVIDENCE, hosted by Bryant Gumbel (CBS's The Early
      Show, NBC's Today Show). Premiering on Friday, November 22 as part of a full
      night of special programming beginning at 8PM (ET/PT), this new two-hour SCI
      FI documentary of the "Roswell Incident" includes all-new eyewitness
      interviews and up-to-the minute late-breaking revelations. From the initial
      headlines of a "disk" being recovered in the desert in 1947 to SCI FI's
      latest "smoking gun" bombshell, this new examination of the "Roswell
      Incident" offers the definitive account of what may be the most important
      event of the modern age.

      THE ROSWELL CRASH: STARTLING NEW EVIDENCE is directed and executive produced
      by Melissa Jo Peltier of MPH Entertainment (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, The
      Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt). James Romanovich of Platinum Media, Inc. also
      serves as executive producer.

      award-winning website SCIFI.COM, will offer exclusive background resources
      on this historic archeological project, as well as the "Roswell Incident"
      itself (users can log on directly through http://www.SCIFI.COM/UFO):

      SCI FI LIVE CHAT - Wednesday, October 30 at 9PM (ET)/6PM (PT) UNM's lead
      principal archeologist William Doleman, Ph.D. will discuss aspects of the
      top secret excavation.

      SCI FI ROSWELL DIG DIARY - Starting November 13, a complete day-to-day diary
      that documents the entire groundbreaking ten-day event will be posted. These
      daily entries will detail the project from various points of view including
      those of Doleman, veteran Roswell investigators Tom Carey and Don Schmitt;
      and SCI FI Channel's senior vice president of programming, Thomas Vitale,
      among others.

      SCI FI LIVE CHAT - Friday, November 22 at 10PM (ET)/7PM (PT) Carey and
      Schmitt will discuss the investigation of the "Roswell Incident" itself.

      THE ROSWELL REPORT - Dedicated to informing those who desire to know the
      truth behind an extraordinary event that occurred more than 50 years ago,
      this ongoing column offers up new information stemming from Carey and
      Schmitt's still-continuing, intensive investigation into this remarkable
      case of apparent extraterrestrial visitation.

      THE ROSWELL CRASH: STARTLING NEW EVIDENCE is an MPH Entertainment production
      for SCI FI. Launched in 1996, MPH has produced over 130 hours of primetime
      television programming and two independent feature films, including
      co-producing the 2002 smash hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Notable among
      MPH's many television projects are cable's The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt,
      Founding Fathers, Discovery Channel's Eco-Challenge Australia, SCI FI
      Channel's Martian Mania: The True Story of the War of the Worlds, Las Vegas:
      Gamble in the Desert and Sea Tales.

      The national opinion poll on The Roswell Incident was conducted by RoperASW
      among a representative sample of 1,033 adults ages 18 and over. The
      telephone interviews were conducted from September 6th through September
      8th, 2002. The margin of error for the total sample is +/- 3%.

      SCI FI Channel transmits fantastic images to 79 million human homes.
      Launched in 1992, SCI FI features a continuous stream of cinematic hits, new
      and original series, and special events, as well as classic sci-fi, fantasy,
      and horror programming. Check out SCIFI.COM, the SCI FI Channel's
      award-winning Web site, at HYPERLINK <http://www.scifi.com>. SCI FI Channel
      is a program service of Universal Television
      <http://www.universalstudios.com>, a division of Vivendi UNIVERSAL
      Entertainment (VUE), the U.S.-based film, television and recreation entity
      of Vivendi Universal, a global media and communications company.



      By Thomas J. Carey & Donald R. Schmitt


      At first the military announced to the public that they had indeed recovered
      a flying disk on a remote ranch in the central region of the state. Within
      five hours they retracted the story and identified the debris displayed in
      Brigadier Gen. Roger M. Ramey's office at Fort Worth, Texas, as merely a
      downed weather balloon with an attached radar reflector kite. The question
      remains: Which of the two announcements was the truth?

      Through the course of our own investigation, we have amassed a continuously
      growing roster of more than 600 witnesses associated with the events who
      support the first account, that initial claim of the flying-saucer recovery.
      Despite what the U.S. Air Force maintains is the "truth" about the Roswell
      incident, the event remains shrouded in secrecy even as facts about the U.S.
      government's involvement in other cover-ups continue to surface. Another
      thing also remains constant: What took place outside of Roswell, N.M., in
      the summer of 1947 was not caused by a weather device.

      There are other constants, other truths that the Air Force refuses to
      address. Let's review some of the major aspects of the now-legendary UFO

      1. On Tuesday, July 8, 1947, Roswell Army Air Field commanding officer Col.
      William Blanchard announced the recovery of a flying disk. It is important
      to note that Blanchard was the officer entrusted with oversight of the first
      atomic-bomb strike force in the world, based at Roswell AAFB. Blanchard's
      press release was orchestrated in Washington, D.C., then later retracted in
      favor of the balloon explanation.

      2. Later that day, at approximately 4:30PM CST, Gen. Ramey, the commander of
      the 8th Air Force and Blanchard's supervising officer, presented the press
      an alternative story; he claimed the Army had recovered a rawin target
      device suspended by a Neoprene balloon. ("Rawin" is a method of determining
      wind speed and direction by using radar or radio waves to track a balloon
      carrying either a radar-sensitive target or a radio transponder.)

      3. W. W. "Mack" Brazel, the ranch foreman who first discovered the debris
      field, was detained by the U.S. Army Air Force for four days while cleanup
      operations continued at the site. Brazel was denied access to a phone, was
      given an Army physical, and was subjected to rigorous questioning and
      intimidation while under house arrest at the Roswell AAFB.

      4. Extreme security measures were exercised at both Brazel's ranch and the
      impact sites. Armed guards encircled the primary locations, a second cordon
      was placed around its outer perimeter, riflemen were stationed on the
      surrounding hills, and MPs were posted on outlying roads that led to both

      5. Special, unscheduled flights arrived from Washington, D.C., with
      additional units arriving from White Sands AAFB in Alamogordo, N.M., and
      Kirkland AAFB in Albuquerque. Unscheduled flights from Roswell transported
      wreckage or bodies to Fort Worth, Texas; Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio;
      Andrews AAFB in Washington, D.C.; and the Los Alamos National Laboratory,
      via truck from Kirkland.

      6. Sen. Dennis Chavez (D-N.M., served 1935-1962), Chairman of the Senate
      Appropriations Committee, phoned Walter Whitmore Sr., owner of radio station
      KGFL in Roswell, to strongly advise him to do as he was instructed by the
      FCC in an earlier call and not broadcast a wire-recorded interview with Mack

      7. An FBI telex dated July 8, 1947, at 6:17PM CST out of the bureau's
      Dallas, Texas, office disputed Gen. Ramey's announcement to the press that
      the special flight transporting wreckage to Wright Field had been canceled,
      as well as Ramey's explanation of a balloon and hexagonal radar target.

      8. On July 9, 1947, U.S. military officials searched news-media offices in
      Roswell, Albuquerque and Santa Fe to retrieve copies of the original press
      release or any other documentation that was contrary to the weather-balloon
      explanation. The recorded interview of Mack Brazel also was confiscated.

      9. Multiple, first-hand military and civilian witnesses who actually
      witnessed the crash have come forward to tell their stories.

      10. Multiple, first-hand military and civilian witnesses have suggested the
      location of the craft and separate debris-field sites. There was more than
      one site involved.

      11. Multiple, first-hand military and civilian witnesses have given the same
      testimony regarding the actual size and shape of the unknown craft.

      12. More than two dozen witnesses, both military and civilian, agree on the
      unconventional characteristics of the wreckage. The material defied all
      conventional means of damage.

      13. Multiple, first-hand military and civilian witnesses have given sworn
      testimony regarding the bodies recovered at the crash site.

      14. Finally, the most shocking revelation to date is that the U.S. military
      resorted to physical threats against civilian witnesses. Children were
      terrorized and parents were threatened that their children would be killed
      if they mentioned anything about the true nature of the incident.

      All of this over a weather balloon?


      By Tom Carey and Don Schmitt


      Over the years that we have been investigating the "Roswell Incident," we're
      often asked two questions: "With so many other reported UFO cases, now
      running into the tens of thousands, why have you concentrated on this one to
      the exclusion of other cases worthy of further investigation?" and, "Why
      continue to investigate a 50-year-old case?" (Actually, it is now a
      55-year-old case.) We have several reasons.

      Most UFO researchers became interested in the subject of UFOs when they were
      children or very young adults, and we are no exceptions.

      There was something about the notion that intelligent life might exist
      elsewhere in the universe and might actually be visiting us that piqued our
      imaginations. This interest has persisted into adulthood and in fact has
      intensified over the years, especially with the recent discoveries of a
      hundred or so planets outside our own solar system. More recently, the
      discovery of an Earth-like planet in another star system of our galactic
      neighborhood has reinforced our belief that life must exist somewhere beyond
      our own world.

      The vast majority of scientists and academics believe that, statistically at
      least, other life must surely exist elsewhere in the universe. The divide
      arises, however, when one asks whether any intelligent, extraterrestrial
      lifeforms have ever visited Earth (i.e., have "they" been able to "get here
      from there"). Serious UFO researchers believe that there exists an
      overwhelming body of evidence to support the notion of alien visitation, and
      polls of the general public at large tend to reinforce that belief.

      On the other hand, some academics believe that not only has such a
      visitation not happened, it is impossible. This belief is not the result of
      stringent research into the subject or a conclusion derived from a reading
      of the UFO literature; it is nothing more or less than a belief based upon
      the old axiom, "It can't be; therefore, it isn't." The closest they come to
      a "scientific" explanation is to mutter something about the vast distances
      that would be involved in any interstellar travel. The late astronomer Carl
      Sagan, who took the safe, standard academic position -- namely that UFOs
      don't exist -- nevertheless believed there were at least one million evolved
      intelligences in our own Milky Way galaxy alone. We believe that life in the
      universe, just as on Earth, is the norm and not the exception. As Jeff
      Goldblum's character observed in the movie Jurassic Park, "Life finds a

      The discerning reader will see that the above debate revolves around the
      issue of proof. With regard to the UFO phenomenon, what constitutes proof of
      alien visitation? Unfortunately, most reported UFO sightings involve
      solitary witnesses reporting "lights in the sky." Such accounts do not
      advance our knowledge of the phenomenon and are, quite frankly,
      uninteresting to veteran researchers. Daylight sightings of structured craft
      are more interesting, especially when reported by multiple witnesses;
      however, these also do not amount to "proof" of alien visitation. Are they
      interesting stories? Yes. Proof of anything? No.

      Physical-trace cases where some aspect of the environment allegedly has been
      disturbed by a UFO (e.g., broken tree limbs, oil-like stains on the ground,
      depressions in the ground, radiation burns to vegetation and organic
      surfaces, and the like) are interesting but ultimately inconclusive because
      the observed "physical traces" allegedly left by the UFOs could just as
      easily have been the result of some form of human activity. UFO crashes, on
      the other hand, offer the possibility of one or more recoverable artifacts
      from another world: a ship or parts thereof, or crewmembers. A UFO
      investigator who has a "nuts-and-bolts" mentality naturally will gravitate
      to this type of UFO encounter, as opposed to, say, claims of alien

      The Roswell case currently represents our best chance to make the case for
      extraterrestrial visitation. We seek to do that by recovering an artifact of
      incontrovertibly alien origin.

      What we apparently have in the Roswell incident is an interplanetary craft
      of unknown origin that was blown into a million little pieces over a Corona,
      N.M., sheep pasture during an intense lightning storm. Before the military
      arrived, countless local ranchers and their children visited the site. At a
      companion site approximately 15 to 20 miles away, closer to Roswell, the
      remainder of the craft and its unlucky crew met their ultimate fate. That
      site also was visited by a number of civilians before the military arrived
      to secure the area. During the clean-up of the crash sites and the
      subsequent recovery operations, which included the boxing-up of the wreckage
      for shipment and the flights that carried it out, scores of military
      enlisted personnel and officers had access to the crash artifacts. Human
      nature being what it is, it is entirely conceivable -- no, likely -- that
      some artifacts were taken as souvenirs by civilians and military personnel
      alike. In fact, this was the case, according to many first-hand accounts
      that we have on record.

      The wreckage/debris from the Roswell crash is most often described as
      consisting of several different types. The most numerous were palm-sized or
      smaller pieces of wreckage of very thin and lightweight, but extremely
      strong, pieces of "foil" similar to the aluminum foil found in a pack of
      cigarettes; this debris was highly unusual for its time because of its
      strength, but there was nothing overtly "otherworldly" about its appearance.
      The other types of wreckage found also were characterized by their extremely
      light weight and remarkable strength. There also were small "I-beams" that
      looked like balsa wood struts with strange symbols embossed along their
      inner faces. Could those markings be alien writing samples?

      Roswell skeptics, debunkers and the U.S. Air Force all maintain that the
      witnesses are mistaken about the ultralightweight, super-strong materials;
      they insist the I-beam symbols are nothing more than residue from flowery
      Scotch tape they say was used to reinforce the balsa wood sticks that formed
      the skeleton of the radar kites deployed by the Army in 1947.

      Who's right? The debunkers or the believers? Unless we recover the physical
      evidence, we might never know. If we are fortunate enough to obtain any of
      the original Roswell artifacts, their provenance would not be accepted as
      extraterrestrial until they were analyzed and declared as such by reputable
      metallurgists. Results and conclusions would have to be drawn and a report
      written. Presumably, a public announcement of the findings would then be
      released to the press. In fact, that scenario has already taken place --
      several times! -- but results suggesting an extraterrestrial origin for the
      alleged UFO artifacts have been dismissed by skeptics and the military with
      charges of "shoddy analysis."

      There is, however, one type of wreckage from the Roswell crash, vividly
      described by witnesses, that would be immediately recognizable as something
      truly extraordinary without having to be first sent away for analysis. We
      refer to it simply as the "Holy Grail" of our Roswell investigation: the
      recovery of a piece of "memory metal." Fragments of memory metal have been
      described as being fairly numerous at the Foster Ranch debris site near
      Corona (in very small pieces, of course). Witnesses have stated that a piece
      of it was extremely thin and light; it is described as being the color of
      dull aluminum; and several witnesses have said that one could crumple a
      piece of it up in one's hand, then lay it on a flat surface where it would
      uncrumple itself into its original flat, pristine condition without evidence
      of a crease. It also could not be scratched, cut, burned or permanently
      deformed in any way. Human science had not discovered or created anything
      exhibiting those properties in 1947, and we still have nothing remotely like
      it today. This is the type of Roswell wreckage for which our investigation
      is actively searching. We have several leads in this direction that we are

      The more mundane reasons that we like this case are that it has everything
      an investigator would want: alleged government conspiracy; cover-ups and
      misconduct; a large witness pool upon which to draw; historical context and
      continuity; potential artifacts as well as alien bodies; and, finally, the
      case is just interesting. It has held Schmitt's attention for almost 14
      years and Carey's for nearly 12 years without abatement.

      Ultimately, we have two compelling reasons for continuing the investigation
      of a 55-year-old case.

      First, although we believe there is evidence to support an extraterrestrial
      origin for the Roswell incident, major media outlets such as The New York
      Times and The History Channel have uncritically accepted the Air Force's
      weather-balloon explanation for the events at Roswell. We are attempting to
      amass overwhelming, incontrovertible evidence proving the wreckage of an
      alien vessel was recovered at Roswell.

      Second, our investigation is racing the clock. Witnesses to the Roswell
      events of 1947 are now quite elderly and have begun to die of natural causes
      with increasing frequency. At some point in the very near future, no
      first-hand eyewitnesses to the 1947 Roswell events will remain. According to
      a recent report by the Veterans Administration, World War II veterans from
      "the greatest generation" are passing on at a rate of 1,200 to 1,500 per

      If we are to uncover the truth, time is of the essence.


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