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FOIA: Unusual Phenomena Listings

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      The FBI has links to various pdf files that deal with "unusual phenomena" on
      their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Website. Thanks to Jordan Wagner for
      pointing the way to these interesting links.

      Also, for those of you who may not know, The Black Vault is reported to be
      the Internet's best source of FOIA materials related to UFOs and other
      controversial topics:

      The Black Vault:

      Freedom of Information Files:

      --- David Sunfellow





      In early 1975, the FBI assigned a handful of employees the task of handling
      an anticipated influx of Freedom of Information Act requests due to new
      legislation. Although the Freedom of Information Act had been in effect
      since 1967, it did not apply to investigatory files compiled for law
      enforcement purposes, thus generally exempting FBI files from public access.

      By the end of 1975, amendments to the Freedom of Information Act had become
      effective and the Privacy Act of 1974 also became effective. The passage of
      these laws provided for broad access to FBI records which previously had
      been severely limited.

      The task of responding to these Freedom of Information-Privacy Acts (FOIPA)
      requests became a very large one indeed. Some single requests have resulted
      in the processing of thousands of pages of records. In very simple terms,
      when a request is received it is logged into a computer and assigned a
      number for tracking purposes; it is acknowledged; an indices search is
      conducted to determine if the FBI has responsive records; and the file(s) is
      located and reviewed to determine if it is fact "ident" or the correct file.

      Once a file has been identified as being responsive to a request, it is
      photocopied, and the work copy is reviewed by an analyst to determine if any
      portions should be withheld from the requester under any various exemptions
      permitted by the FOIPA. The analyst uses a colored marker to delete any
      exempt material, writes in the margins the particular exemption cited, and
      has the work copy re-copied using a photocopier with a special filter. The
      portions that appeared in translucent color on the work copy are black on
      the release copy. The release copy is mailed to the requester upon receipt
      of payment of fees, if applicable.

      This labor intensive process has been repeated thousands of times since
      1975. In the past twenty plus years, the FBI has handled over 300,000
      requests and over six million pages of FBI documents have been released to
      the public in paper format. Currently, an automated document processing
      system is under development that will replace the "marker pen" method and
      allow for documents to be released in electronic format.

      For the FOIPA Section web page, we have selected several FBI cases which may
      be of interest to the public. These documents also appear in paper form in
      our traditional reading room in Washington, D.C. As time and resources
      permit, additional cases will be created in electronic format and placed on
      the web site for public viewing.






      128 pages

      These records contain accounts of animal mutilations which were discovered
      in various states during the late 1970's. Over the years, several theories
      have been expounded to explain the mutilations, including UFOs, satanic
      cults, pranksters, unknown government agencies, or natural predators. The
      FBI entered the case when 15 mutilations occurred in New Mexican Indian
      country. The investigation was negative with respect to identifying the
      individuals responsible.



      MAJESTIC 12 1/12/98

      22 pages

      This file relates to an FBI inquiry into the possible unauthorized
      disclosure of classified information when a document marked "Top Secret" was
      made public. This investigation was closed after it was learned that the
      document was completely bogus.



      PROJECT BLUE BOOK 7/24/97

      12 pages

      This small file relates to an Air Force program for the investigation of
      Unidentified Flying Objects. The Secretary of the Air Force discontinued
      this program in 1969.



      ROSWELL 1/12/98

      1 page

      This one-page teletype dated July 8, 1947, relays information from the
      United States Air Force that an object purporting to be a flying disc was
      recovered on that date near Roswell, New Mexico.




      1600 pages



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