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Global Warming Movie Update

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      In yesterday's edition of Whitley Strieber's "Unknown Country" newsletter
      (http://www.unknowncountry.com/), Strieber announced that production has
      begun on a movie that is inspired by Art Bell and Strieber's book "The
      Coming Global Superstorm". The film, presently called "The Day After
      Tomorrow," is being made by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, who made
      "Independence Day" and "the Patriot". It is expected to be released in July
      of 2003.

      More information about the upcoming movie can be found on Yahoo's Movie
      website (see below). I have also included links to a few related websites,
      including an earlier story about this movie that was sent out in May of this

      --- David Sunfellow

      "The Coming Global Superstorm"
      By Art Bell & Whitley Strieber


      By Greg Dean Schmitz
      Yahoo Movies


      Release Date: Summer, 2003

      MPAA Rating Note: (7/18/02) Nothing's official until the MPAA sees the final
      cut, but with a $100+ million budget on the line, it's pretty much a
      certainty that Fox and Emmerich will make any cuts necessary to secure a
      PG-13 rating.

      Distributor: 20th Century Fox

      Distributor Note: (7/18/02) 20th Century Fox won the rights to finance and
      distribute this project after the CAA talent agency announced the "package"
      of director Roland Emmerich, producer Mark Gordon and the script's
      big-budget "summer tentpole" concept. CAA announced it on Wednesday, May
      1st, and by Friday, May 3rd, Fox had won the auction, beating out bids from
      DreamWorks, Paramount, Universal and Warner Bros. (source: Michael Fleming,
      "Variety). One of the key conditions to the auction was that the winning
      studio had to promise to greenlight the film in time for a big summer, 2003

      Production Company: Mark Gordon Productions (Saving Private Ryan, The League
      of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

      Cast: Dennis Quaid (Professor Adrian Hall), Jake Gyllenhaal (Samuel Hall),
      Emmy Rossum; other cast not announced yet.

      Director: Roland Emmerich (The Patriot, Godzilla, Independence Day,
      Stargate, Universal Soldier)

      Screenwriter: Roland Emmerich (cowriter of Godzilla, Independence Day,
      Stargate), Jeffrey Nachmanoff (cowriter of 1993's 'The Big Gig')

      Not Based Upon: (7/18/02) This movie has nothing to do with the 1994
      best-selling novel, "The Day After Tomorrow", by Allan Folsom, which
      producer Alan Ladd, Jr. still has in development, though I'm guessing it'll
      have to get a title change, or something, if/when it's actually produced.
      Pierce Brosnan was long attached to star in the conspiracy-driven thriller
      about an American visiting Paris who sees the man who killed his father 25
      years ago.

      Premise: This movie takes a big-budget, special-effects-filled look at what
      the world would look like if the greenhouse effect and global warming
      continued at such levels that they resulted in worldwide catastrophe and
      disaster, including multiple hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes (I don't
      quite get the science of that one), tidal waves, floods and the beginning of
      the next Ice Age. At the center of the story is a paleoclimatologist (a
      scientist who studies the ways weather patterns changed in the past),
      Professor Adrian Hall (Quaid), who tries to save the world from the effects
      of global warning while also trying to get to his son, Sam (Gyllenhaal), who
      was in New York City as part of an Academic Decathalon competition, when the
      city was overwhelmed by the chilling beginnings of the new Ice Age. In
      addition to all of the other challenges Dr. Hall faces, he's also going
      against the flow as humanity races south to warmer climes, and he's nearly
      the only one going north... (Rossum plays another Academic Decathlon
      student, and Gyllenhaal's romantic interest)

      Filming: Production is scheduled to start on November 4th, 2002 in Montreal
      (originally announced as Toronto, but Montreal must have offered a better
      deal or something), on a budget somewhere in the $100-125 million range.

      Genre: Action, Eye Candy, Science Fiction, Thriller

      Character Descriptions: FilmJerk.com (has descriptions of some of the major
      characters, from a casting call sheet sent to agents, etc.):



      The storyline: A climatological disruption of inconceivable proportions
      ravages the world, sending millions of terrified survivors surging South.
      Surging in the other direction, however, is Professor Adrian Hall, a
      brilliant paleoclimatologist whose own son Sam may still be alive in New
      York City, now a frozen wasteland.

      The call has gone out for the following roles:

      Professor Adrian Hall: 45 years old and a weathered, compelling individual.
      A brilliant and world-renowned scientist specializing in the field of
      paleoclimatology, a weather detective investigating the climatological
      changes of past millennia. Adrian is a study in contradictions, an elegant
      and well-bred autocrat whose accent and attitude are pure Texas roughneck.

      Sam Hall: Adrian's only son. A sullen, smart, cocky and insecure 17 year old
      who has been frittering away his high school years, smoking pot and refusing
      to take things very seriously. Even though his grades do not reflect the
      fact, Sam is an intrinsically bright kid who joined the school's champion
      academic decathlon team -- more so as a pretext to be near his teammate
      Laura, his secret idol, than because of any real interest in scholarship.

      Laura: Also 17, a pretty, serious and absolutely confident that she knows
      what she wants out of life: namely, an education at Harvard and a
      flourishing career at the top of whatever field she chooses. A top student
      in her high school class and a star performer on the academic decathlon
      team, her future seems assured - but as Laura soon learns, the best laid
      plans are subject to the whims of fate.

      Gary: A young, pin-striped Wall Street wheeler dealer. He is The Master of
      the Universe, flagrantly breaking the rules on insider trading and on the
      verge of being fired. Despite the expensive suits and $300,000 a year
      salary, Gary is a cunning and rapacious jungle creature intent on his own
      immediate gratification and survival.

      Professor Terry Rapson: This frumpy English scientist attends the U.S.
      Conference on Global Warming in Geneva, where he introduces himself to
      Adrian, complimenting him on his spirited testimony. A specialist in deep
      thermal currents who works out of the Hadley Institute in England, Rapson is
      interested in discussing Adrian's work on abrupt climate shifts

      Lucy: Adrian's ex-wife. A busy doctor at Georgetown hospital. A pediatric
      specialist, Lucy has charge of their young son Sam when her husband is away
      on his frequent Antarctica research expeditions. Both highly successful and
      driven workaholics, Lucy and Adrian are both deeply concerned about their
      son's welfare, but they are really too busy to communicate effectively with
      one another about Sam's problems and needs.

      J.D.: The captain of the rival decathlon team. Slick, good-looking and rich,
      an effortlessly charming youth who sweeps Laura off her feet during the
      event's finals in New York City. Privileged and spoiled, J.D. is convinced
      of his own intellectual and social supremacy, and he views Sam, his rival
      for Laura's affections, with barely concealed contempt.

      Brian: Sam's academic decathlon teammate. 16 years old and desperate for
      approval. A classic egghead with an endearingly geeky quality and a dry
      sense of humor, he accompanies Laura and Sam on their big trip to New York
      to compete in the nationals.

      Tom Gomez: Adrian's boss at NOAA. A long-suffering bureaucrat who admires
      Adrian's work, but wishes that Adrian wouldn't alienate the government wonks
      responsible for their funding.



      7/18/02 - Quite possibly the most famous (or infamous) movies of director
      Roland Emmerich's career thus far are his most successful, Independence Day,
      and his least successful, Godzilla (relative to cost, hype and
      expectations). What both films have in common is the theme of mankind facing
      something greater and more powerful than itself, whether it be
      extremely-large flying saucers, or an extremely-large reptile, as the
      effects of said threat destroy New York City. Well, he's back at the "let's
      destroy New York City" buffet line with this big-budget epic that throws
      humanity a similar enemy, the very forces of nature (caused of course by the
      man-made phenomenon of global warming). This time around, the Big Apple gets
      frozen over as northern temperatures plummet to way-below-zero levels, and
      an Ice Age begins. So, you can expect to see big "establishing shots" of the
      water around the Statue of Liberty frozen solid (or maybe cracked with
      icefloes, etc.), the Empire State Building coated with snow, etc. As in
      Independence Day, other major cities will probably get their Doomsday
      treatment as well (like maybe Los Angeles sinking into the sea, tornadoes
      tearing apart Sydney, an earthquake splitting Mexico City, etc.). Following
      the events of September 11th, I think people take the idea of New York (or
      any city) being devastated more seriously, but the historic truth is that
      films that promise the eye candy of a massive tidal wave (Deep Impact, The
      Perfect Storm) or apocalyptic storms (Twister, The Mummy) rarely fail to
      bring in wide, summer-movie audiences. Disaster is sad, but it's also the
      very stuff that popcorn-munching audiences seek out.

      20th Century Fox is doing its best to keep this ambitious project under a
      $125 million ceiling, focusing first of all on the star salaries (though
      Roland Emmerich is getting $10 million against 10% of the gross), so the
      bulk of the budget can be spent on realizing all of the myriad disaster
      sequences in the script. That means that instead of the rumored Mel Gibson,
      they hired Dennis Quaid to take the lead role, no doubt supplementing him by
      other established actors who are talented, but not going to seriously
      deplete from the resources needed to, say, create a set that realistically
      looks like an ice-covered Central Park (just guessing). The popular
      sentiment is that Quaid is on an upswing after his baseball movie, The
      Rookie, became one of the "leggiest" sleeper hits of the first half of 2002.
      I think the truth, though, is that his films have been doing quite well
      lately before that, with The Parent Trap, Any Given Sunday, Frequency and
      Traffic all doing well, four wide-releases in a row (and Playing by Heart
      could've done much better than it did; I think Miramax really dropped the
      ball on positioning it in the marketplace, nearly burying it).






      LILITH'S DREAM (A Website Promoting Strieber's New Book):


      By Art Bell & Whitley Strieber


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