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    Hello Everyone! A few months ago, I sent out a message lamenting the hassles we have experienced by being based on a free, advertiser-driven mailing list. One
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2002
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      Hello Everyone!

      A few months ago, I sent out a message lamenting the hassles we have
      experienced by being based on a free, advertiser-driven mailing list. One of
      these hassles has been losing members when email messages "bounce". This
      happens when Yahoo (the free mailing list provider we use) can't deliver a
      message to a particular address. Once a message "bounces", the email address
      it was sent to is pulled from the main list and sent to an inactive list of
      bouncing email messages.

      Yahoo FAQ's claim that these addresses are repeatedly tested. When (and if)
      they stop bouncing, they are returned to the main list. If they continue
      bouncing, they are left in the inactive bouncing email list.

      Bottom line: whatever Yahoo is, or isn't doing, large numbers of valid email
      addresses have been (and continue to be) permanently removed from our list.
      And once removed there is no simple way for me to reactive them.

      So until I've located another mailing list provider (something that is not
      likely to happen any time soon), here's our best workaround:

      1. If you are using a free email address with limited storage space, be sure
      you have enough space to receive new messages. If you don't, your email
      address may be temporarily or permanently removed because new messages can
      not be delivered to mail boxes that have reached their quota;

      2. If you end up on Yahoo's bouncing list, you can temporarily fix the
      problem by unsubscribing the offending address and then resubscribing it:

      To unsubscribe, send a blank email message to:

      To subscribe, send a blank email message to:

      3. If your efforts to unsubscribe/resubscribe a bouncing email address fail,
      a more sure-fired solution is to set up a new email address on a roomer,
      more reliable Internet Service Provider (my primary account is located on
      Earthlink <http://www.earthlink.net>, which has been very stable).

      4. To find out if your current email address has been spending time in
      Yahoo's bouncing email prison, you can check our archives. If you see
      messages listed there that you haven't received, your current email address
      has probably been bouncing:


      4. And, finally, if anything goes haywire that you can't figure out on your
      end, drop me a line and I will do what I can to help out on mine.

      And that's it for this post. Here's hoping no one gets "bounced" off this
      list who doesn't want to, and, if they do, they quickly and easily find
      their way back home...

      With Love & Best Wishes,
      David Sunfellow


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