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'Dinosaur' Captured On Film Near Cornwall

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      Wednesday, July 3, 2002


      A former Natural History Museum employee claims to have captured a dinosaur
      on film swimming off the coast of Cornwall.

      John Holmes claims he filmed the legendary Cornish beast Morgawr three years
      ago in Gerrans Bay, off the Roseland Peninsula.

      But he says he has only just released the footage for fear of being

      The 49-year-old believes the creature is a plesiosaur -- a long necked,
      marine reptile with four paddle-like limbs thought to have died 65 million
      years ago.

      Mr Holmes, of Sticker near St Austell, told the Western Morning News: "My
      pet theory is that it was a living fossil. I think that there is a group of
      plesiosaurs going around in the oceans of the world. All around Britain
      there have been sightings of sea serpents."

      The footage apparently shows the head of a 2.2-metre long creature, rising
      about one metre above the water.

      Mr Holmes worked as a higher scientific officer at the Natural History
      Museum for 19 years and says he has shown the footage to experts over the
      past year and they are all baffled by the creature's identity.

      He added: "What caught my attention was the bizarre movement out to sea. The
      hairs on the back of my neck stood up. It wasn't gargantuan, but big enough
      to rule out marine birds."

      Sightings of Morgawr, Cornish for 'Sea Giant', have been reported since the
      early 1970s, and some say for more than 100 years.

      In May, a Falmouth fisherman and St Piran patrol boatman, claimed to have
      seen the creature in separate incidents on the same day.


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