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      Thanks to Mikaela Rierson and John Freedom.


      From Frances F. Korten <fkorten@...>
      Saturday, September 29, 2001

      My dear State of the Possible community,

      I sense the tide is starting to turn on what has appeared to be the dominant
      call for war. I know you are all part of making that shift happen and I'm
      so glad to be connected to each and every one of you.

      Let me highlight for you some of what I see as the most hopeful signs --
      signs that are now being picked up by the press (New York Times, ABC, NPR
      and others). We need to add to that momentum.

      If you can bring these initiatives to the attention of people in your
      networks, and the press in your area, that can help shift the sense of what
      Americans want.

      JUSTICE NOT VENGEANCE INITIATIVE - Last weekend, when Danny Glover was in
      Seattle we talked about what can be done. We decided that rounding up some
      well-known voices to advocate moderation would help break the media spell so
      focused on support for war. So Danny, Dave Korten, Sarah van Gelder, and I
      teamed up with Harry Belafonte (who is on the board of the Institute for
      Policy Studies) and John Cavanagh and Sarah Anderson of IPS to develop a
      statement and get sign-ons. Together with Rod Arakaki and Carol Estes we've
      called on our wider networks, including a number of you for help on this,
      and you have all been fabulous.

      Below I attach a press release that went out yesterday. We've been looking
      for "household names" to add to Harry and Danny's star power and now have
      Gloria Steinem (thanks to Susan Davis for that); Rosa Parks (thanks to Grace
      Boggs for that); Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry's (thanks
      to Dave for that); Alice Walker (thanks to Belvie for that); Martin Sheen
      (thanks to Rod's friend of a friend); Bonnie Raitt, and many others. Plus
      many of you have also signed on which is great -- though of course the media
      are looking for the big names.

      NPR carried a good story on this and related initiatives last night on All
      Things Considered, the New York Times had a lovely story that mentioned this
      initiative today, and ABC is likely to cover it tonight -- as well as many
      other media.

      We continue to look for names with "star power." If you know of anyone with
      high name recognition, please have them sign on. You can find the statement
      at <http://www.yesmagazine.org> and at <http://www.ips-dc.org>. They can
      email their name to: <jcavanagh@...> or fax to David Korten at

      RELIGIOUS INITIATIVE - The National Council of Churches, working together
      with Jim Wallis of Sojourners and others, has mounted a call for "tolerance,
      compassion, justice and the sacredness of human life" that has now been
      signed on to by more than 1500 religious leaders -- mostly Christian, but
      also Muslim, Jewish and others. It is being delivered to the Congress
      today. You can view that at <http://www.ncccusa.org>.

      MASS PETITIONS - Two mass petitions have gained tremendous momentum. One is
      "A call for Peace and Justice" which has more than 150,000 signatures. It's
      on <http://www.thepetitionsite.com>. Another one is at
      <http://www.9-11peace.org/petition.php3>. It now has over 300,000

      STUDENT PEACE RALLIES AND VIGILS - There is so much evidence that students
      are really mobilizing. Juliette Beck at Global Exchange says there are
      vigils and rallies today (Thursday) on more than 146 campuses around the
      country -- and growing every minute. The site that reports on this great
      work is <http://www.peacefuljustice.cjb.net/>.

      HATE-FREE ZONES - In response to some of the terrible acts of hate against
      people who look different (such as the killing of a Sikh person in Arizona),
      there is growing momentum to declare cities and states "Hate-Free Zones".
      Kelly Quirke wrote to us of the beautiful mass rally in San Francisco held
      last Sunday attended by over 1,000 people. I think several of you were
      involved in that. San Francisco was declared a Hate Free Zone in support of
      and in solidarity with all the people, especially people of color. Check out
      the Global Exchange website to get a Hate Free Zone action pack, including a
      downloadable poster at <http://www.globalexchange.org>.

      Here in Washington State, Pramila Jayapal got the whole state on board to
      declare Washington a Hate-Free Zone. On Tuesday the effort was launched
      with Governor Gary Locke, Seattle mayor Paul Schell, a U.S. Congressman (Jim
      McDermott) and other prominent people here. Seattle's City Council also
      declared Seattle a Hate-Free Zone (hooray for Richard Conlin for being part
      of that). Pramila is now preparing packages to send to any city that wants
      to join the momentum. You can contact pramila at: <pramila@...>

      WWW.YESMAGAZINE.ORG - Ours is one of many great websites that many of you
      are involved with. On our site we've got the Justice Not Vengeance
      statement and sign-ons, a list of "10 Things You Can Do to Shape History,"
      two downloadable images -- one of them of a flag that says "Americans Stand
      for Justice, Not Vengeance." Plus prayers, analyses, sample letters to the
      editor, and other resources all designed to encourage people to speak out
      and shape the nation's sense of it's own response to this terrible tragedy.

      Our whole staff has mobilized on this. We've been getting lots of grateful
      responses from people who feel alone and isolated in their desire for
      moderation, compassion and understanding.

      And of course there are tons of local things going on, large and small, that
      I know every one of you is involved in. Do keep spreading the word about
      what people can do.

      My love and best wishes to all of you for all the great work you are doing.




      David Lerner (212) 260-5000; <dlerner@...>
      John Cavanagh (202) 234-9382; <jcavanagh@...>
      David Korten
      Fran Korten (206) 842-5009 x205; <fkorten@...>
      Sarah Van Gelder (206) 842-5009 x214; <svangelder@...>


      Rosa Parks, Danny Glover, Gloria Steinem And Harry Belafonte Join Effort
      Calling For Justice Not Vengeance

      September 19, 2001PAs Americans begin to consider the implications of a
      military response against terrorism, an increasing number are voicing their
      opposition to precipitous acts that may involve the world in a deadly
      conflict. Rosa Parks, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, and Gloria Steinem have
      joined Ben Cohen and a number of business, environmental, religious, and
      civil society leaders to speak out against war as the solution to terrorism.

      In a statement released today, these leaders argue that a "military response
      would not end the terror." They call for "bringing the terrorists to
      justice under the rule of law" and they argue against an erosion of civil

      The statement calls for a response to the September 11th disaster that is
      "prompt, just and effective." The signers question whether "a military
      response will end the terror: As citizens of this great nation, we support
      the efforts being made to find those behind the acts of terror. Bringing
      them to Justice under the rule of law ? not military action ? is the way to
      end the violence."

      The signers also note that while the terrorist acts were aimed at U.S.,
      citizens from more than 50 nations were among the victims: "Our best chance
      for preventing such devastating acts of terror is to act decisively and
      cooperatively as part of a community of nations within the framework of
      international law to route our terrorism and work for justice at home and

      The statement is one of many which are being dveloped by civil society
      groups including religious leaders and academics calling for justice rther
      than revenge. Newspaper advertisements and other initiatives are being
      planned. Reports from around the country indicate that activism is being
      planned throughout the coming months. On Thursday, students at 82 campuses
      in 25 states will hold peace rallies and vigils to call for restraint and

      The full statement is attached. For further information and updates on
      peace activities please contact Riptide Communications 212.260.5000.

      Frances F. Korten
      Executive Director
      Positive Futures Network
      PO Box 10818
      Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
      206/842-0216 (tel)
      206/842-5208 (fax)

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