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    NHNE News List Current Members: 519 Subscribe/unsubscribe/archive info at the bottom of this message. ... Thanks to John Steiner. ... WORLD LINK PROGRAMMING
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      NHNE News List
      Current Members: 519
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      Thanks to John Steiner.



      Here is some of the latest programming from WorldLink TV, which is seeking
      to become "the channel that has taken on the mission to create a television
      conversation for world peace."

      9410 on Dish and 375 on Direct TV


      In response to the tragic events in New York and Washington, WorldLink TV
      will be airing the following special programming:


      (Airing: Thursday, 9/13 @ 10:30 PM ET / 7:30 PT)

      A 'teach-in' discussion of Tuesday's tragic events, their causes and
      consequences, recorded September 12 at the University of California,
      Berkeley. Panel members include Michael Nacht, Dean Of the UC Goldman School
      of Public Policy; David Rieff, Author of the "Crimes of War" and
      "Slaughterhouse"; Greg Pascal Zachary of the UC Graduate School of
      Journalism; Mark Danner, regular contributor to the New York Review of
      Books; and Peter Tarnoff, President of the Council of Foreign Affairs. ROOTS
      OF GLOBAL RAGE is joint presentation of the UC Graduate School of Journalism
      and Worldlink TV. (Program repeats 6, 12 and 18 hours later).

      Produced by David Michaelis & Stephen Olsson of WorldLink & Bob Calo of UC


      Thursday 9/20 7pm Pacific time

      Faces of the Enemy: Reflections of the Hostile Imagination

      Sam Keen, noted professor, author and lecturer, hosts this provocative
      documentary that confronts timely questions on hatred and war including "Who
      are our enemies?," "How do we transform each other into monsters?," and "How
      do these images create an atmosphere in which conflict increases?" Vietnam
      veteran and author William Broyles, psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton,
      mythologist Joseph Campbell, newspaper cartoonists and others discuss the
      sociological, psychological and political aspects of war as well as the
      strategies we use to dehumanize the enemy. Followed by a live call in
      discussion between viewers and Sam Keen and film producer Bill Jersey."


      Beginning September 13, 2001, WorldLink TV has provided daily coverage of
      United Nations activities, both live and taped, focusing on the UN General
      Assembly and Security Council. Later in the month the coverage will include
      special reports the Conference on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (Sept
      24-26) and other material on UN activities, such as the recent World
      Conference on Racism in Durban. The programs are introduced by informative
      graphics and presented in a format that is non-partisan and without
      editorial comment.

      Funding for the September reports from the UN is provided by a grant from
      the Better World Fund. This is the only in-depth national coverage of UN
      activities on American TV. It is the start of WorldLink's planned "Global
      C-Span" coverage of international events.


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