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Fox & Friends: To Heaven & Back

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      NHNE Wavemaker News List
      Current Members: 541

      NHNE Summer Fundraiser
      Amount Needed: 4,500.00
      Amount Raised: 870.00
      Money Still Needed: 3,630.00
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      This week, Fox and Friends reported on five people who say that they
      went to heaven during a near-death experience:




      Neurologist on Experience in Heaven: 'Brain Wouldn't Allow Me to Dream'
      Fox and Friends
      June 24, 2013



      Today on Fox and Friends, Carol Alt sat down with Dr. Eben Alexander,
      who once again told us the incredible story of his experience in heaven
      while he had slipped into a coma. Alexander, a neurologist who has since
      written "Proof of Heaven," said he was not a believer up until his
      near-death experience in 2008 during a case of meningitis.

      Since he's a neurologist, he said he was trying to find a medical reason
      to explain what he had experienced, but he came to the conclusion that
      his brain was not functioning in a way that would have allowed him to
      have a dream.

      "In fact, my entire neocortex, the outer surface, the part that makes us
      human, had been wiped out on day one. There was no place in my brain for
      this to happen," he said.

      To watch the Fox & Friends interview with Dr. Eben Alexander, go here.

      To learn more about Dr. Eben Alexander and his near-death experience, go


      Surgeon: 'Heaven Was So Beautiful I Didn't Want to Come Back'
      Fox and Friends
      June 28, 2013



      All week on Fox and Friends, we've heard amazing stories of people who
      say they went to heaven in a near-death experience. Surgeon Dr. Mary
      Neal, author of "To Heaven and Back," nearly drowned in 1999 while she
      was kayaking in South America and got trapped under a waterfall. She
      said that for 14 minutes she saw her soul leaving her body and spoke to

      Neal revealed some things that the spirits told her she still had to do
      on Earth. She said that what she witnessed was so beautiful that she
      didn't want to return.

      "I really didn't want to come back. I was overcome with the sense of
      being where I belong, where we all really belong," said Neal.

      To watch the Fox & Friends interview with Dr. Mary Neal, go here.

      To learn more about Dr. Mary Neal and her near-death experience, go here.


      Father Recalls Moment When Son Told Him He Had Been to Heaven
      Fox and Friends
      June 27, 2013



      On today's show, Steve Doocy sat down with 13-year-old Colton Burpo, who
      says he saw Jesus in heaven while nearly dying during a severe appendectomy.

      His father, Todd Burpo, the author of "Heaven Is For Real," explained
      the moment when he realized that his young son had experienced something
      more than just a dream. Todd said that his then-three-year-old son
      started talking about a sister that he had never met. He said Colton was
      never told that his mother once had a miscarriage.

      He said, 'Well Mom you had a baby die in your tummy, didn't you? I met
      her.' And when he talks about her, not only can he describe her and tell
      us what she looks like, but she knows us and she sees us. And she
      couldn't wait for him to get to heaven. She was at the gates meeting him
      when he got there," said Todd Burpo.

      To watch the Fox & Friends interview with Colton and Todd Burpo, go here.

      To learn more about Colton Burpo and his near-death experience, go here.


      “To Heaven and Back”: Pastor Describes Standing at the Gates of Heaven
      After “Dying” in Car Accident
      Fox and Friends
      June 26, 2013



      In 1989, Pastor Don Piper was on his way to church when an 18-wheeler
      crossed the center line in the road and slammed directly into Piper’s
      vehicle. Piper was declared dead for a full 90 minutes before coming
      back to life as his pastor sang “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” over him.

      During that hour and a half, Piper went to heaven, a story he tells in
      his best-selling book “90 Minutes in Heaven.”

      He described the majesty of the pearly gates of Heaven, and said, “I was
      surrounded by people I’d known and loved in life who had preceded me in
      death. And they all looked good!”

      To watch the Fox & Friends interview with Pastor Don Piper, go here.

      To learn more about Don Piper and his near-death experience, go here.


      How Angels Helped Little Boy Beat Stage 4 Cancer
      Fox and Friends
      June 25, 2013



      As part of our special series “To Heaven and Back,” Fox and Friends told
      the story of a Carson Higgins, who at three years old was diagnosed with
      stage 4 cancer.

      Higgins was given little hope of survival, but now more than 6 years
      later, he’s cancer-free and says it has everything to do with the angels
      who watched over him after his diagnosis.

      Carson and his mother, Debbie, joined Fox and Friends this morning.
      Debbie Higgins said, “We’d be sitting on the floor and he’d start
      looking up. I kept asking him, ‘Carson, what are you looking at?’ And
      he’d say his angels and describe them and start talking about them.”

      She described the moment when Carson believed he was healed. “The neat
      thing is one night Carson woke me up and said Jesus visited him and he
      had really big healing hands, and he held him in them and said that he
      was healed.”

      To watch the Fox & Friends interview with Carson Higgins, go here.




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