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    NHNE Wavemaker News List Current Members: 541 NHNE Summer Fundraiser Amount Needed: 4,500.00 Amount Raised: 275.00 Money Still Needed: 4225.00 Number of people
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      NHNE Wavemaker News List
      Current Members: 541

      NHNE Summer Fundraiser
      Amount Needed: 4,500.00
      Amount Raised: 275.00
      Money Still Needed: 4225.00
      Number of people who have helped: 10

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      23 Professionals become ACISTE Certified
      The American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative
      Experiences (ACISTE) Newsletter
      June 18, 2013


      The need for a support directory of qualified professionals became
      evident following two ACISTE surveys. Of the 60% of experiencers who had
      seen a professional in the past, 45% indicated it was due to issues
      related to their spiritually transformative experiences (STEs). In
      answer to the question, “ If you felt you needed to speak to a
      professional regarding your STE, would you seek out a professional that
      had specialized training and/or certification in dealing with STE
      issues? “ 72% indicated “yes.” 22% indicated “maybe.” 14.6% indicated
      they currently wished “to be referred to an ACISTE trained therapist or
      counselor to help me cope with particularly difficult challenges related
      to my experience.” Only 5% indicated there was no concern or challenge
      related to their STEs.

      In response to the need expressed in these surveys, ACISTE began to
      develop its training programs for therapists and counselors beginning
      with its first conference on “Therapeutic Issues of Spiritually
      Transformative Experiences” and certification workshop in San Mateo, CA
      in October of 2012. Follow-up interviews were conducted and prospective
      certification applicants were individually evaluated for approaches,
      skills, knowledge, openness, appropriateness, etc. by our certification
      committee. ACISTE wishes to congratulate our first and newly certified
      mental health and spiritual guidance professionals who met or exceeded
      our requirements for certification. Those individuals include:

      Dr. Amy Blanchard
      Rev. Kiki Corbin
      Howard Curtis
      Inge Dean
      Kathleen Marie Epp
      Tina Fields
      Linda Hartmann
      Rev. Dr. Karen Herrick
      Dr. Jan Holden
      Dr. Liz Johnston
      Dr. Pamela Kircher
      Dr. Guadalupe Kirklin
      Barbara Langer
      Pamela McCorry
      Dr. Diane Miles
      Dr. Fabrice Nye
      Suzann Robins
      Dr. Ryan Rominger
      Dr. Marilyn Schmidt
      Dr. Gary Seeman
      Eileen Tapper-McKelvey
      Bill Virga
      Sandy Wright.

      Some facilitate free support or discussion groups.

      Click here to see the beginnings of the new directory:


      If you are an experiencer seeking support from a professional, please
      check out our directory. Spiritual Guidance Counselors are available by
      phone/or Skype in all states. In person support is available or will
      soon be available from these professionals in CA, CO, NJ, NV and FL.
      After our conference in October, we anticipate expanding in-person
      availability to additional areas.

      For additional information on spiritually transformative experiences and
      the work of ACISTE, visit the ACISTE website:



      David Sunfellow
      Founder & President
      NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE)
      Phone: (928) 239-4133
      Fax: (815) 642-0117

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      Sedona, AZ 86339 USA
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