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Sedona's NDE Classes

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      NHNE Wavemaker News List
      Current Members: 537

      To keep up with NHNE's daily dose of news, videos, quotes, photos, and
      more, go here:

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      Hello Everyone!

      Over the past few months, the near-death experience class that I've been
      teaching in Sedona has been collecting tons of great NDE-related
      information. For an index of all our classes, including the informative
      handouts that have been created for this class, go here:


      A few summaries from recent classes are included below...

      -- David Sunfellow


      03/12/13 NDE Class Notes


      This update includes our March calendar, an update on Anita Moorjani's
      upcoming appearance in Sedona, information about Anita and Dr. Eben
      Alexander's appearances in Tucson and Phoenix, information about Joseph
      Dillard's new book, "Fire From Heaven: Deep Listening to Near Death
      Experiences," a summary of last week's class which focused on "The
      Miracle-Working Power of Seeing, Speaking & Living The Truth," a summary
      of what we did in this class, and, finally, part one of Lilou Mace's
      interview with Dr. Eben Alexander...


      03/19/13 NDE Class Notes


      This update includes a reminder of Anita Moorjani's upcoming appearance
      in Sedona, the first version of "The Formula" (which was introduced to
      the class for the first time), five minutes of an interview that Lilou
      Mace did with Raymond Moody, and, finally, part two of Lilou's interview
      with Dr. Eben Alexander...


      04/02/13 NDE Class Notes


      This update includes our April calendar, lots of information about Anita
      Moorjani's visit to Sedona, including the video we made of Anita's
      Sedona talk, a new study that indicates NDE experiences are MORE REAL
      than real or imagined events, news about a movie that Universal Studios
      is planning to make about Dr. Eben Alexander's near-death experience and
      the impact it had on his life, Dr. Eben Alexander's gutsy essay on
      Easter, Dr. Penny Sartori's report on the Second International NDE
      Conference in Marseille, France, Nancy Evans Bush and the need to pay
      more attention to distressing near-death experiences, Dannion Brinkley's
      upcoming presentation in Sedona, and a thought-provoking look at Dannion
      Brinkley and dark side issues that Dr. Raymond Moody highlights in his
      1999 book, "The Last Laugh."


      04/09/13 NDE Class Notes


      This week's update includes April's calendar of events, news about how
      to order DVD copies of the talks given by Anita Moorjani and Becki
      Hawkins, where you can watch the movie "Resurrection" online, a new book
      by Barbara Whitfiled and Sharon Cormier called "AFGEs: A Guide for
      Self-awareness and Change," an NDE story that features a grandfather
      begging to be sent back to Earth to care for his dying wife, another
      important discussion about seeing, speaking, and living the truth --
      this one featuring a fake aikido master and the Dalai Lama, and news
      about our April 16th and 23rd meetings, which will be shining bright
      lights on some of the ways that East and West religious and spiritual
      traditions deceive themselves and their followers...


      04/16/13 NDE Class Notes


      In an attempt to come to a deeper understanding of how we fool
      ourselves, and how we can be led astray by dishonest and/or deluded
      spiritual teachers, beliefs, and practices, we watched the documentary
      Kumare'. This is part of our ongoing efforts to learn how to embody one
      of the most transformative aspects of NDEs, namely: seeing, speaking,
      and living lives that are based on universal truths versus man-made
      lies, guesses, philosophies, and misconceptions.

      A lively conversation followed the movie during which we heard personal
      stories of people being misled by spiritual teachers who did not
      practice what they preached. We also attempted to become more aware of
      the parts of ourselves that play the dysfunctional roles that were
      portrayed in the movie.

      What part of ourselves looks to external authorities (religious and
      otherwise) to give us answers? Make us whole? Solve our problems? What
      part of us doesn't want to ask questions, think deeply, accept
      responsibility for our lives? Where does the tendency come from to
      unquestioningly follow the status quo and believe and do what we are
      told by parents, religions, science, doctors, gurus, and other
      authorities? How can we learn to think for ourselves and be guided by
      the highest, truest, deepest spiritual forces within? How can we also
      learn to attract teachers, healers, and helpers who can help us become
      more healthy and independent, rather than dysfunctionally needy and

      And on the other side of the fence, what part of us likes to pretend to
      be something we are not? Why do we waste time dressing up in costumes
      that make us appear more developed than we really are? How can we learn
      to see, speak, and live the honest truth about ourselves, which is that
      we are both human (we have lessons to learn and need to grow and
      develop) and divine (we are indestructible spiritual beings that are one
      with God) -- and that both aspects of ourselves are unconditionally
      loved, honored, and embraced?

      While Kumare' focused on how people can slip into Eastern delusions, on
      Tuesday, April 23rd, we'll take a look at some Western ones.

      Our April 16th meeting ran two hours long -- the first hour and a half
      will be spent watching movies, while the remaining 30 minutes was set
      aside for discussion. We'll be using the same format in our April 23rd

      You can find out more about Kumare' here:


      Our next NDE class will take place on Tuesday, April 23rd from 7:00 PM
      until 9:00 PM at St. Andrew's. We'll be watching and discussing the
      documentary "Miracles for Sale":

      "Derren Brown teaches an ordinary British citizen how to adopt the guise
      of a pastor and miracle worker. After six months of learning the trade,
      “Pastor James Collins” sets sail for America. With a camera crew
      documenting all aspects of the adventure, Paster James performs faith
      healing miracles live in Texas."

      For more information about this documentary, go here:



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