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Wanda Easter Burch: 'She Who Dreams'

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      By Wanda Easter Burch



      Wanda Burch dreamt that she would die at a certain age; her dreams
      foretold her diagnosis of cancer, and then guided her toward treatment
      and wellness. She took advantage of all the usual medical resources
      available to her, but believes she is alive because of her intimate
      engagement with the dreamworld. "She Who Dreams" takes the reader into
      that healing dreamworld, opening a path to self-diagnosis and physical
      and psychic health. Through powerful prose and practical exercises, this
      book describes in compelling detail a life lived and deepened, and a
      death postponed. In the process it shows that wisdom lives within
      everyone, and that anyone can tap into that wisdom through dreamwork.

      Wanda Easter Burch Website

      Watch an inspiring video of Robert Moss interviewing Wanda Burch on Pulse:


      By Robert Moss
      January, 20134



      Dreaming is healing. Our bodies speak to us in dreams, giving us early
      warning of symptoms we might develop, showing us what they need to stay
      well. Dreams give us fresh and powerful images for self-healing. Dreams
      are also the language of the soul; they put us in touch with wells of
      memory and sources of creativity and energy far beyond the clutter and
      confusion of the little everyday mind. Beyond this, dreams are
      experiences of the soul, and can take us -- sleeping or hyper-awake --
      into realms where we can have direct access to sacred healers and teachers.

      These themes and possibilities come vividly alive in Wanda Burch’s brave
      and beautiful book She Who Dreams, which is both the narrative of a
      personal journey into healing through dreaming and an incitement to
      bring the gifts of active dreaming into our everyday lives.

      I have been sharing dreams with Wanda since early in 1987, and I know
      the depth of experience and the deeps of dreaming from which this book
      flows. Her dreams diagnosed a life-threatening illness (breast cancer) a
      year before the doctors found symptoms. Her dreams guided her choice of
      treatment, gave her powerful imagery for self-healing and recovery,
      enabled her to grow a creative relationship with her physicians and
      awakened her to a deeper life and a vital engagement with the world as a
      dreambringer -- one of those who creates a safe space for others to open
      to the gifts of dreaming, and can bring a dream to someone in need of a

      Her personal story is quite fascinating. Her first dream mentor was her
      Irish-American grandmother, a “wise woman” of the Alabama hill country.
      Later she met the dreamers of the Iroquois, one of whom appeared at her
      back door in the form of a white wolf.

      But it is the story of everyday trials, more than the extraordinary
      elements in this book, that will touch the hearts of many readers and
      bring them practical guidance that is urgently needed. Wanda shows how
      dreams can get us through.

      After Wanda’s dreams had provided specific diagnosis of her illness --
      but before her doctors had confirmed that diagnosis -- she followed a
      waking dream by flying off to West Africa as a volunteer with an
      archeological team. On the eve of her plane trip, I wrote a quotation
      from Plotinus in my journal: “The soul has the power to conform to her
      character the destiny allotted to her.”

      This, on its deepest level, is what you will find unfolding in her
      narrative of a journey into healing through Active Dreaming. Wanda tells
      her story with absolute candor, sometimes seasoned with sardonic humor.
      She doesn’t flinch from describing her moments of fear and bitter
      disappointment, the times when she felt her best dreams had ceased to
      work for her.

      Anyone who has undergone an illness like hers will be grateful for the
      honesty and practicality with which she describes the everyday ordeals
      and humiliations she suffered. Don’t expect soap bubble romance or easy
      miracles in this book. As Wanda tells it, her dreams led her down a hard
      road. In place of a miracle, she devised what she tellingly describes as
      a “healing cocktail” in which she was able to draw on her dreams and
      inner resources in support of the medical intervention she believed to
      be unavoidable.

      No easy road, but one that led her out of death, by giving her the
      courage and clarity to conform her destiny to the depth and character of

      Her account of the dreams in which she was reminded of the terms of her
      soul’s contract and finally permitted (after profound ordeal and
      testing) to negotiate a life extension is breathtaking. She and I both
      believe that her terrifying dream encounter with the envoy of her
      personal Death literally enabled her to extend her tenure on life, and
      avoid the death, at age 43, for which her dreams had been rehearsing her
      for two decades.

      Wanda’s decision to write this book and to share her gifts as a dream
      helper with those around her -- as she does with great generosity in
      many environments, with neighbors and colleagues, with cancer patients
      and survivors, as a workshop leader and dream counselor to Iraq war
      veterans -- are part of her honoring of that tremendous dream. Her story
      encourages us to examine our own sacred contracts and recover the
      knowledge that belonged to us before we entered this life experience.

      When you have finished reading this book, you’ll have no doubt about the
      healing power of dreams. You’ll have received powerful confirmation that
      in night dreams, we have access to a personal doctor who makes house
      calls, provides an impeccable diagnosis of our physical, emotional and
      spiritual condition, and doesn’t charge a cent. You’ll know that dreams
      can provide accurate diagnosis of our ailments, often long before
      physical symptoms have developed. You’ll have learned that dreams are a
      wonderful source of fresh, spontaneous imagery for healing -- imagery
      the body believes because it comes from deep within ourselves.

      One of Wanda’s most valuable contributions to the literature of healing
      and recovery is to show us how we can use the self-healing tools that
      flow from dreamwork to support conventional medical treatments,
      smoothing the process and reducing adverse side-effects. For this alone,
      She Who Dreams is an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals,
      therapists, healers and caregivers.

      Adapted from my Foreword to She Who Dreams: A Journey into Healing
      through Dreamwork by Wanda Burch, published by New World Library.



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