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Sher Stultz Prepares To Set Sail On A New Adventure...

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      Some of you will remember Sher Stultz for the groundbreaking special report
      she did on crop circles 1998. That report was written after Sher spent nine
      weeks in England visiting "musicians, artists, farmers, researchers,
      hoaxers, and just plain old interested folks" who were involved with and/or
      interested in all aspects of crop circles. Along with filing reports on the
      road, Sher also took lots of photos and later, back in the states, wrestled
      the adventure into a one-of-a-kind website. For those of you who missed it,
      here's where Sher's crop circle report is posted for posterity:


      Beginning in August of 2005 we began hearing from Sher again. This time she
      filed reports as a survivor of Hurricane Katrina. Although Sher had the
      foresight to leave Ocean Springs, Mississippi before Katrina struck, her
      life was turned upside down by the destruction that Katrina unleashed on
      everyone in the area. Altogether, Sher filed 18 reports, complete with
      dozens of photos that graphically captured the devastation she witnessed.
      Sher's Hurricane Katrina report is posted here:


      And now it's time for another adventure.

      This time Sher is setting off in search of a new home for herself and her
      daughter, Astra. Along with their dog, a trusty Prius, a laptop, and a still
      camera, Sher will also be packing a video camera this time -- and posting
      her adventure on a blog. Her new blog is located here:


      She also has got a Facebook Fan Page up here:


      I'll be serving as tech support and cheerleader.

      So let me begin by encouraging all of you take take 30 seconds to wish Sher
      (and Astra) well on their adventure. You can visit Sher's blog or Facebook
      page to say hi.

      And if, perchance, you live somewhere along the route that Sher intends to
      explore, and would enjoy a visit by a fellow pilgrim, I encourage you to
      fire off an email to Sher:


      If Sher and company land on your shores, there's a good chance you will be
      landing on ours -- and I, for one, would enjoy getting to know you better...

      With Love & Best Wishes,
      David Sunfellow


      By Sher Stultz



      The search for a new home may be a less than scientific process because I
      have given up looking in online databases for "the best places to live". If
      I went by the statistics for housing, crime or cost living then I would not
      know where to go. I am simply lost in all the data. So it¹s time to pack the
      Prius and set out like a pioneer. It must have been an incredibly empowering
      moment when after months of hauling all your belongings in a covered wagon
      you came upon a valley or river bend and knew that you had found home.

      My home quest will begin in northern California taking me up the Oregon and
      Washington coasts with potential detours, then crossing northern Washington
      and heading into northern Montana. I have a planned stop in Kalispell, MT. I
      met a nice woman from Kalispell last year -- she was my Farmer¹s Insurance
      agent who came to our area after a spring of hailstorms. During our
      conversation she told me about her hometown. She spoke of the people and
      lifestyle of this town and ever since then I¹ve wanted to visit it. I¹ve
      also applied for a few jobs in Montana -- Anaconda, Missoula and Great Falls
      and while I didn¹t make second cut for the federal jobs, I¹d still like to
      see these places. After that I will head south into Wyoming and finally wrap
      up my search in Colorado before returning to Austin.

      During this journey I plan to collect my own data informally as I pass
      through the states mentioned above interviewing local people to find out
      about their hometowns. I have a few folks lined up already, but I would like
      to use a network of Œfriends of friends¹ like the kind that exists on
      Facebook, which is why this request is being posted on NHNE. My travels will
      be presented in a kind of blogumentary with video, pictures and journal
      entries. The interviews will be videoed and uploaded onto
      http://greatbluewanderers.com . So if you or a good natured friend or family
      member would be willing to spare some time this summer, I¹d like to hear
      from you. I can be contacted at sher@....

      The interviews will take place in and around your local area, not at your
      home. We would meet somewhere that you feel epitomizes the spirit of your
      hometown, maybe a market or town center and the interview would take at
      least 30 minutes. I might gather other footage too and interview people on
      the street if they are willing to talk with me so your information would be
      part of a possible series I collect for that area. Your interview would be
      public access so anyone could view it online, so be sure you don¹t say
      anything you don¹t want recorded for posterity.

      My intention is to get honest opinions about the places I see so if you feel
      the economy is not so good in your area or the city is not planning well for
      the future, then by all means feel free to say so; I expect that each place
      will have some extraordinary things and some challenging ones too. The goal
      for me is to collect enough information to narrow done my search for a new
      home and if I am lucky enough I will have that "aha moment" like the
      pioneers did and find my spot along the way. However, the universe generally
      makes me work pretty hard for all my epiphanies so I expect I¹ll have to
      visit all the areas I am considering before making any decisions.

      Sher Stultz
      Website: http://greatbluewanderers.com
      Email: sher@...


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