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2007/2008 Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey

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      Coed Magazine
      February 29, 2008


      The results of the 2007/2008 Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey results
      are in -- and we Americans should be sad.

      Americans spend nearly three hours every week grooming themselves, but less
      than one hour on foreplay and sexual intercourse. It¹s no wonder that only
      46% of us describe our love lives as exciting, or existent for that matter.

      On average, Americans spend 35 minutes on foreplay and sexual intercourse
      each session. And since we have sex once every 4.3 days, that averages out
      to about 57 minutes per week -- 14 minutes below the global average.

      Durex also revealed that Americans are having a lot less sex than just about
      everyone else in the world, and when we do, less than half are fully
      satisfied. Great job, U.S.

      Americans have sex just 85 times a year (about once every 4.3 days), well
      below the global average of 103 times (about once every 3.5 days), with only
      the Japanese (48 times), residents of Hong Kong (82 times) and Nigerians (84
      times) having less sex.

      While Americans might be somewhat bored in bed, we have ideas about what we
      can do to improve their sex lives; most notably, less stressful lives (37%)
      and more romance (35%) top the list.

      Other key findings from the report include:

      American men average 13 partners, which is:

      - Ten less than Canadians (23)
      - Three less than the British (16)
      - One less than Mexicans (14)
      - Equal to the global average (13)

      American women average nine partners, which is:

      - One less than Canadians (10)
      - One less than the British (10)
      - Three more than Mexicans (6)
      - Two more than the global average (7)

      Oral sex (69%) and sensual massage (62%) top the list of activities in the

      More than four out of ten (42%) enjoy sexual fantasies and erotica (41%) to
      boost the libido.

      Older people still enjoy a variety of activities to keep passion alive, as
      more than 52% of those 55 or older give oral sex and 29% act out sexual

      Globally, 48% of those 55 or older practice oral sex and more than a third
      (36%) act out sexual fantasies.


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