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News Flash: Two Men Arrested For Making Crop Circles In England

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    News, Inspiration, & Consumer Protection for Spiritual Seekers ... NHNE: News Flash: Two Men Arrested For Making Crop Circles In England Saturday, November
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      NHNE: News Flash:
      Two Men Arrested For Making Crop Circles In England
      Saturday, November 4, 2000
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      "In an age of universal deceit,
      telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

      --- George Orwell



      Today, in England, there is news of two men being arrested for making crop
      circles, or, as the local English authorities call it, "causing criminal
      damage to an unspecified area of pasture near Marlborough in July this

      One of these men, a 29-year-old from Wiltshire, will be familiar to those of
      you who read the NHNE Special Report on Crop Circles that Sherry Stultz
      wrote (see below for link). His name is Matthew Williams and he publicly
      admitted that he (and an associate of his named Paul Damon), were
      responsible for hoaxing crop circles during the 1996, 1997, and 1998 crop
      circle seasons.

      And now, two years later, he has apparently been caught.

      The following two articles (a letter from Colin Andrews and a news story
      that appeared in The Independent) were sent out earlier today by Paul
      Anderson of Circles Phenomenon Research Canada:


      Thanks to Sherry Stultz for alerting me to this important development.

      --- David Sunfellow

      NHNE Special Report on Crop Circles:

      Crop Circle Interviews/Reports Concerning Matthew Williams:

      Field Report 7:

      Crop Circle Update: Part 1 & 2:


      By Colin Andrews
      November 4, 2000
      Reported In CPR-CANADA NEWS By Paul Anderson


      I received a telephone call from a British Journalist early this morning to
      inform me of a newspaper article in today's "Western Daily Press" regarding
      the arrest of two men under suspicion of making a crop circle at West
      Overton (that which was allegedly made by Matthew William's for Whitley
      Strieber and touted on his radio program, "Dreamland").

      I have spoken with Wiltshire Police who confirm that Matthew William's has
      been arrested with another man who also lives at the same address. Equipment
      and a computer have been seized by police who will apply for William's to be
      remanded at a court hearing set for Devizes Court on Monday 6th November.
      The police told me that "it is likely other cases will be pursued but at
      this moment he has been charged only with making the one intricate crop
      circle construction at West Overton" (for Whitley Strieber). According to
      police, they have been given photographic evidence and are looking at a
      great deal of other information.

      I am considering flying over for the full court hearing when that date is
      known. Monday's hearing will be adjourned after the application for a remand
      is heard.

      I believe that this is a significant development and one which will lead to
      other arrests soon. The impact upon the events in the fields will be seen
      next year and will probably prove the extent to which people have been
      involved, (i.e. - my own findings at least 80%).

      I should make it clear, that these arrests came as a surprise to me this
      morning and I am in no way involved with the police in this matter. My job
      is research.

      I thought you would appreciate knowing about this.

      Best Wishes,
      Colin Andrews


      By Cahal Milmo
      The Independent
      4 November 2000


      They have been a source of mystery and amusement to students of the bizarre
      for years, but yesterday crop circles attracted the attention of a new
      audience -- the long arm of the law.

      A 29-year-old Wiltshire man last night became what is believed to be the
      first person in Britain to be accused of the novel crime of raiding a field
      and creating patterns out of flattened wheat.

      Matthew Williams, of Bishops Cannings, near Devizes, was arrested after
      photographs allegedly showing him working with another man were sent
      anonymously to detectives.

      He will appear before Devizes magistrates on Monday charged with causing
      criminal damage to an unspecified area of pasture near Marlborough in July
      this year.

      The case threatens to blow the lid on what has long been believed to be the
      prime cause of crop circles -- well-equipped and highly adept hoaxers.

      For years, fans of the paranormal had sought to explain the weird and
      wonderful patterns of interlinked circles, squares and diamonds as the work
      of aliens or freak weather conditions. But some crop circle creators have
      recently come forward to confess to their activities, carried out under
      cover of darkness using an array of ladders, tethered barrels and ropes to
      work "magic".

      Police arrested Williams earlier this week after searching his home and
      recovering pieces of equipment allegedly used to sculpt circles. A second
      man was also detained but later released without charge.

      News of the prosecution was welcomed by farmers in the rolling countryside
      of Wiltshire -- prime territory for crop circles, with dozens appearing
      every summer.

      Tim Carson, chairman of the National Farmers Union in the county, said:
      "It's no different if someone comes into your garden and causes damage. You
      spend a lot of time and effort planting crops and then someone comes along
      and destroys them, it's very annoying."

      Andrew Naughton, who farms near Devizes, added: "Imagine you had a green car
      and someone came along and sprayed pretty patterns on the roof with white
      paint. That's the only way I can describe it."



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