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  • Janice and Ben Haines
    Greetings, NHL-low@wavefront.com is no longer, it has been converted to NHLlow@eGroups.com For most of you who just READ the posts, you will have to do NOTHING
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 1998
      NHL-low@... is no longer, it has been converted to

      For most of you who just READ the posts, you will have to do NOTHING
      different. For posters, note the new address.

      Archives now located at:


      For those of you who are new, you don't know about this. It is just bad
      timing since NHL-low has been working fine for a year. Sorry in advance for
      any confusion. For some of you long timers this has been in the works for a
      few months. NHL-low@... is no longer, although the address will
      work, nothing posted to it will archive. After things are running smoothly
      I will unsubscribe all of you. I have finally switched it to
      NHLlow@egroups.com. It makes perfect sense to do this, see below. I need
      to do this to take NHLlow to higher levels. Also, I am switching ISPs to US
      West for their new DSL service so I will be able to research at 256K a
      second. Yes, you see that correctly, a bit expensive but I think most of
      you will agree it will be worth it.

      So, why switch from a MAILING LIST (NHL-low) to an eGroup(NHLlow)?


      "E-groups are different from e-mail lists. E-mail lists are pre-Web
      technology that distributed e-mail messages only to a list of addresses.

      But, first of all, it's a lot easier than e-mail list software. Everything
      is easily controlled by the group moderator on the Web. An e-group
      automates the routine clerical work of subscription and unsubscription and
      does all the software maintenance, allowing you to avoid spending time
      learning software interfaces. It provides a free (and optionally private)
      Web interface for your
      group so that members also have a much easier time finding, reading,
      replying, and sorting messages, as well as controlling their membership in
      the group."
      My biggest pet peeve of running a list is having to help people maintain
      their e-mail accounts, especially those of you on AOL (ie. you let your
      mailboxes fill up), this will help tremendously.

      Also, you will now have ways to customize how you receive the new NHLlow
      eGroup service with a personal profile.

      There are three ways:
      1) Web - Read it on the web, you are notified if there are new messages
      2) E-Mail - Just like you are used to where you receive individual e-mails
      3) Digest - Receive daily e-mail digest

      It is going to take some time and please visit

      http://www.egroups.com for specific questions, since I won't answer any
      you send me personally regarding specifics to eGroups UNLESS you have read
      their wonderful documentation and are stumped.

      Just so you know, I set it up NHLlow exactly like NHL-low but just mailed a
      check for the 'No Ads option' (They would have included ADS in our e-mail
      and I don't think that would be too exciting) and also individual
      subscribers will be invisible. I protect privacy at all costs but the
      eGroup does have a way for us to have profiles but it might mean you are
      visibile to other members. We will have to discuss this since it might be
      neat so we can all put what cell type and what treatments we have had.
      (Also, I want to know where around the world everyone is from. I think
      there is a way to do this and KEEP privacy but I haven't had time to

      There is a lot to do and a lot to learn. I have tested but I am expecting
      some problems. Please be patient. Look for an e-mail from
      NHLlow@egroups.com shortly and follow the 'invitation' instructions.

      Best to you guys and the worst to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Lymphoma is going
      to go down and never be a feared disease again.


      Please make sure you don't send e-mail to:


      but instead the new address of the eGroup:


      For those of you with Web Pages, could you update links to the old archives
      of NHL low? Also check out the provided HTML code from eGroups to help
      people subscribe to NHLlow and other eGroups, really slick.
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