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Angiogenesis: Endostatin Protein Immunoassay Kit

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    Thursday September 3, 7:33 am Eastern Time Company Press Release EntreMed Inc. and CytImmune Sciences Inc. Announce Product Launch of Endostatin Protein
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 1998
      Thursday September 3, 7:33 am Eastern Time

      Company Press Release

      EntreMed Inc. and
      CytImmune Sciences Inc.
      Announce Product Launch of
      Endostatin Protein Immunoassay Kit

      ROCKVILLE, Md.--(BW HealthWire)--Sept. 3, 1998--EntreMed Inc.
      (Nasdaq:ENMD - news) and CytImmune Sciences Inc. Thursday
      announced the product launch of the Endostatin Protein ACCUCYTE
      Immunoassay Kit developed collaboratively by the companies.

      The patented ACCUCYTE kit is the first commercially available immunoassay
      kit for the detection of human Endostatin protein in biological fluids, such as
      blood. A naturally occurring fragment of collagen XVIII, Endostatin protein
      was discovered in 1996 in the laboratory of Dr. Judah Folkman at Children's
      Hospital, Boston.

      Antiangiogenic agents such as Endostatin starve tumors to death by
      blocking the growth of blood vessels that supply nutrients necessary for their
      proliferation. In preclinical studies in mice, Endostatin protein has proven to
      be a potent antiangiogenic agent by repeatedly inhibiting the growth of
      metastatic and primary cancerous tumors with no noted drug resistance or

      Dr. Lawrence Tamarkin, president and chief executive officer for CytImmune
      Sciences, commented on the product launch, ``Scientists worldwide now
      have a new research tool to accurately measure Endostatin in fluids from
      patients with cancer and cardiovascular disease.

      ``The Endostatin kit is part of CytImmune's ACCUCYTE assay product line
      designed to measure angiogenic factors and garner critical data which may
      be used for future diagnostic applications.''

      CytImmune Sciences developed the Endostatin antibody and the critical
      components of the ACCUCYTE Immunoassay kit. EntreMed supplied
      purified recombinant Endostatin for the generation of the antibody and for
      use as the kit standard against which unknown Endostatin protein is
      measured. CytImmune Sciences is initially selling the kit for research use
      only, and EntreMed will receive royalties from those sales.

      Dr. John W. Holaday, EntreMed chairman, president and chief executive
      officer, commented on the ACCUCYTE Immunoassay Kit, ``This new assay
      will allow researchers to detect human Endostatin protein and to understand
      its potential association with diseases such as cancer and blindness.

      ``The kit also serves as an important method of monitoring the production
      lots and pharmacological profile of Endostatin as we continue to develop
      this important product candidate.''

      EntreMed holds the commercial rights to Endostatin protein and is currently
      preparing for the commencement of human clinical trials in 1999.

      College Park, Md.-based CytImmune Sciences is a privately held company
      founded in 1988. The company patented its ACCUCYTE product line in
      1996 and has commercialized 25 immunoassay kits.

      After receiving an initial round of funding in 1997, the company is
      collaborating with research entities worldwide to explore new platform
      technologies including targeted drug delivery systems, methods for safe
      delivery of cytokines for immunotherapeutic regimens, gene therapy and
      vaccine adjuvants.

      For further information, visit the CytImmune Sciences Web site at

      Rockville-based EntreMed, the Angiogenesis Company, is a leader in the
      field of antiangiogenesis research, which involves the inhibition of abnormal
      blood vessel growth recently associated with a broad range of diseases.
      The company's strategy is to accelerate development of its core
      technologies through collaborations and sponsored research programs with
      university medical departments, pharmaceutical companies and government

      EntreMed has a strategic partnership with Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
      [NYSE:BMY - news] to further the preclinical and clinical development of
      Angiostatin protein and thalidomide analogs.

      For further information, visit the EntreMed Web site at www.entremed.com.

      Statements herein that are not descriptions of historical facts are
      forward-looking and subject to risk and uncertainties. Actual results could
      differ materially from those currently anticipated due to a number of factors,
      including those set forth in the company's Securities and Exchange
      Commission filings under ``Risk Factors,'' including risks relating to the early
      stage of products under development; uncertainties
      relating to clinical trials; dependence on third parties; future capital needs;
      and risks relating to the commercialization, if any, of the company's proposed
      products (such as marketing, safety, regulatory, patent, product liability,
      supply, competition and other risks).


      EntreMed Inc., Rockville
      Mary P. Sundeen, 301/738-2490
      CytImmune Sciences Inc., College Park
      Lawrence Tamarkin, Ph.D., 301/445-4220
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