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Admin/Death Receptor 3 (DR3)

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  • Janice and Ben
    Hello all, As for administration stuff, please don t send admin requests to the entire nhl-low board. I really don t think 115 people want to read that you
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 1998
      Hello all,
      As for administration stuff, please don't send 'admin' requests to the
      entire nhl-low board. I really don't think 115 people want to read that you
      changed e-mail addresses. So, for a quick lesson on e-mail and mailing
      lists, if you need to change e-mail addresses, please send, all in one
      e-mail if you want:

      unsubcribe nhl-low oldemailaddressgoesrighthereandithasan@signinit
      (AND/OR <---don't type this of course)
      subscribe nhl-low newemailaddressgoesrighthereandithasan@signinit

      To: majordomo@...

      (note the difference, it is not nhl-low@...)

      All of this is documented in the 'info' you should have received and saved
      when you joined nhl-low. If you need it, send:

      info nhl-low

      to: majordomo@....

      Thank you!!
      -Ben (KIA)

      Below is an article from Medline, I have no idea if it is significant or
      not, but I wanted to post it.


      Biochem Biophys Res Commun 1998 Jan 14;242(2):376-379

      A new death receptor 3 isoform: expression in human
      lymphoid cell lines and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas.

      Warzocha K, Ribeiro P, Charlot C, Renard N, Coiffier B, Salles G

      Department of Hematology, Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, Hospices Civils de
      Pierre-Benite, France.

      [Medline record in process]

      Two isoforms encoding the full-length transmembrane death receptor 3 (DR3)
      were isolated from mRNAs of a panel of human cell lines and tumor tissues
      obtained from patients with follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. A new DR3
      variant (DR3 beta) was characterized by 2 insertions of respectively 20-
      and 7-base pairs (bp) which result in a predictive translated polypeptide
      from the described DR3 molecule by a 28 amino-acid stretch in the
      extracellular domain. DR3 was shown to be expressed in all cell lines and
      lymphoma samples tested, whereas DR3 beta expression was restricted to
      lymphoid T-cell and immature B-cell lines and to selected cases with
      follicular lymphoma. These data provide new insight into the molecular
      heterogeneity of DR3,
      suggesting the presence of several receptor isoforms that can participate
      in lymphoid cell homeostasis.

      PMID: 9446802, UI: 98113360
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