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Re: "Absolutely Remarkable" - Rituxan!!!

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    This is from Karen on Scott s list...I got permission to forward her remarkable results with Rituxan. Louise ... the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 1998
      This is from Karen on Scott's list...I got permission to forward her
      "remarkable" results with Rituxan.


      >>Yes, initially my disease was low grade B cell. Then it transformed
      >>to high grade and then back to low grade etc. It can happen. I'd
      >>be delighted if you forwarded a copy of my email to Ben. I hope my
      >>post inspires others to try out this new antibody.

      > Hi Folks,
      > It gives me soooo much pleasure to be posting a mail with such
      > positive information. "Absolutely remarkable," were my Consultants'
      > words this morning, upon examination. I completed 4 infusions of
      > the monoclonal antibody, 'Rituxan' on 29th December. I appear to
      > have achieved a partial remission on a very persistant abdominal lymphoma!
      > As some of you already know, I've had over 11 types of treatment during
      > my 3 1/2 years of fighting this thing and in my twenties, I've lost a lot of
      > living. However, I'm planning to make up for things, as I now feel that
      > the future is finally mine for the taking. Rituxan has provided me
      > with a chance of recovery, stability, normality and above all, hope.
      > I'm having a scan in around two weeks to establish just how much
      > disease is left. We talked about Interferon but feel that since
      > Rituxan can continue to have an effect at around 50 days post infusion, then
      > it's
      > important to see if there could be any further developments before I
      > try a maintenance treatment. It's unclear whether or not I had
      > lymphoma inflitration in my liver or as a result of previous chemos, however
      > LFT's are definately improving, therefore, the Rituxan has been good for that
      > too.
      > My platelets are finally showing signs of a rise, fatigue still
      > bothers me but if I pace myself, then I can achieve a lot. My
      > neutraphils have significantly dropped to 0.7 which is disappointing
      > but I'm nursing a cold at the moment and this is just proof that it
      > doesn't take a hell of a lot to knock my counts. GCS-F could be
      > administered if necessary.
      > If anyone can get the chance to try Rituxan, then my advice is, GO
      > FOR IT. It's a fairly easy treatment and I'm living proof that even
      > when you've tried everything else, there is always something around
      > the corner. These things have a habit of turning out alright in the
      > end.
      > God bless you all!
      > With best wishes
      > Karen
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