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730Re: Response/General Stats/Administration

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  • Jackie Sauter
    Jun 1, 1998
      Dear Ben -

      I just wanted to say thank you for all you do to with this listserve. It is
      a wonderful resource. The positive spirit you convey with the postings
      keeps us dxers going! Thanks.

      t 06:42 PM 5/31/98 -0500, Janice and Ben Haines wrote:
      >Paul et al.
      >Thank you for the nice public note. You have always been a top supporter
      >through side e-mails you have sent. I save all those by the way, from people.
      >Okay, now for some quick statisitics:
      >NHL-low has operated for: 8 Months
      >Total Posts: 727
      >Average number of posts per month: 90
      >Average number of posts per day: 3.0
      >Month with the most posts: May 1998, number of posts: 138
      >Month with the least posts: April 1998, number of posts: 55
      >Number of subscribers as of May 31, 1998: 252 (excluding us)
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