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weather update for birding

Thank you, both for all your information and input.  From, a, mostly, "Back Yard" birder, it is very interesting, and educational, and does get me out of my
Glenda Simmons
Mar 26

Today's weather analysis and bird migration

Hi again, Yes, I agree with Jim. It's the general consensus among "old timers" to whom I've talked that the number of birds migrating back and forth each year
Lucy & Bob Duncan
Mar 25

Mississippi Kite

That's a reeeeally early one! I've already had three species of non-wintering warblers in my yard this week (Hooded, B&W and parula). Good birding, Jim _____
Jim Stevenson
Mar 11

Pine Siskins

Pine siskins have taken over the thistle seed feeders. I estimate we have 60+ swirling around the feeders. There are 25 or so in the attached photo. Chas.
Charles Futch
Feb 26

Snow Goose

The Snow Goose arrived at the Cowpond last night just after the Whooping Cranes flew in at 6:30 p.m. It chose to "hang" with the cranes and not the Canada
dee wilder
Feb 23

Cedar Waxwings

I hoped for this to go to everyone: Please everyone get rid of your ligustrum, both Japanese and Chinese, as the birds are spreading these highly destructive
Beth Grant
Feb 13
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