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Volunteers Needed to Help Panhandle Beach Birds Nest in Peace

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  • juliewraithmell
    North Florida bird fans: A swallow-tailed kite circling with chimney swifts over Tennessee and Gadsden intersections in Tallahassee today must mean spring has
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2013
      North Florida bird fans:

      A swallow-tailed kite circling with chimney swifts over Tennessee and Gadsden intersections in Tallahassee today must mean spring has sprung right into summer. That means baby birds on local beaches are in need of your help! See below for details of Panhandle beaches in need of volunteers to lounge on the beach and educate the public about the cute chicks in their midst. To learn more, email Bonnie Samuelsen at bsamuelsen@...

      Happy birding!

      Julie Wraithmell



      Having trouble reading this email? Click here to read it online. Audubon Florida: Coastal Strand January 2013  

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      Tis' the season for Florida's original beach babies!

      Wilson's Plover and Chick by RJ Wiley
       Wilson's Plover and Chick
       Photo by RJ Wiley

      With May already upon us, tis the season for Florida’s original beach babies  — Least Terns, Snowy Plovers, Black Skimmers and American Oystercatchers! These amazing birds lay their well camouflaged eggs in shallow hollows on bare sand and raise their fluffy chicks on our local beaches.

      While they are adapted to survive this harsh environment of sun, sand, and salt with protection from their parents, chicks and eggs struggle to survive  when beach-goers inadvertently flush parents from their nests. Left exposed to the harsh sun and predators, one disturbance can spell disaster for these vulnerable chicks. You Can Help Beach Birds Nest in Peace

      To help these signature Florida species nest safely and successfully , Audubon and our partners post signs and twine around their nesting areas. For added protection, volunteers chaperon these posted areas on busy warm-weather weekends to educate beach-goers about the birds and the reason for the posted areas. Research has found beach-goers are nine times more likely to respect posted areas when stewards are present.

      This year in the Panhandle, Audubon is coordinating stewards at key nesting sites  from Franklin to Escambia counties. If you would be willing to hang out with cute chicks at the beach for an afternoon, we need you!  To learn more about how you can help, contact Bonnie Samuelsen at 850-866-7152 or bsamuelsen@... .

      Please contact Bonnie today. A few hours of your time spent relaxing at the beach can make the difference for these remarkable birds!

      Sites will vary from weekend to weekend depending upon where active nesting is occurring, but may include:




      Camp Helen State Park


      St. Andrews State Park and Shell Island


      Big Lagoon State Park


      Perdido Key State Park


      Pensacola Beach


      St. George Island State Park


      Alligator Point


      St. Joseph Peninsula State Park


      Henderson Beach State Park

      Santa Rosa

      Navarre Beach State Park


      Deer Lake State Park


      Grayton Beach State Park


      Topsail Hill State Park


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