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Re: [nflbirds] Re: "Lake Henrietta"

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  • Pamela Kaiser
    Time is also important.  Early mornings and late afternoons. Weather is also a factor. Pamela K Kaiser and the Tallahassee Flock (Hektor, Toby, Sonny {RIP My
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      Time is also important.  Early mornings and late afternoons.
      Weather is also a factor.

      Pamela K Kaiser and the Tallahassee Flock (Hektor, Toby, Sonny {RIP My Sweet Baby Boy!} and Rainbow Peep)

      Birds are indicators of the environment. If they are in trouble, we know we'll soon be in trouble.
      Roger Tory Peterson

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      I'll venture into this topic by giving very general advice. Stop at places
      that have the potential to be birdy that are close to you. While this seems
      vague, a couple of guidelines will probably generate good results pretty
      quickly. Be on the lookout for the following types of places:

        - *Water* of any kind (Retention ponds, creeks, natural ponds, lakes) -
        These are usually great for ducks, shorebirds and waders. It probably won't
        take you long to find the most productive ponds. There are usually some
        other songbirds found close by as well.
        - *Weedy fields* - Vacant lots are usually great for finding sparrows in
        winter. Although they are often on private property, you can find birds by
        standing near the edge of the field and pishing (you can Google this if you
        are not familiar with it) or just patiently watching. Undeveloped
        subdivisions may be great since there are usually roads and sidewalks with
        weedy lots, bushes, and trees around.
        - *Boundaries between habitats* - These edge habitats are always
        promising when I am cruising for new spots to find birds. If you see a line
        of trees (or a forest) next to a field, try walking parallel to this
        boundary in the more open field. You will often see birds that favor both
        habitats, and many types of raptors like these edges because they provide
        great hunting. Don't bother heading into a forest unless you have a
        specific species to find, the edges are almost always more satisfying.
        - *The Beach* - Sandy beaches and rocky shorelines or jetties provide
        great places to see shorebirds, gulls, terns, pelicans, sea ducks, and
        other water-loving birds if you have the patience to sort them out.
        - *Parks and Refuges* - These areas often provide a good mix of the
        types of habitats listed above, and many cities have plenty to choose from.

      Of course, you can check the archives of the birding lists (nflbirds,
      BRDBRAINS, FLORIDABIRDS-L) to find records of nearby locations that have
      been productive. Other good resources: "A Birders Guide to Florida" by Bill
      Pranty and the Great Florida Birding

      Make it a habit to stop often just to see what you can find. Many folks
      spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money traveling all over to
      see birds, but I think it is best to stick close to home as you build a
      mental model of the types of habitats that birds seem to favor. This will
      make your larger birding trips more enjoyable and productive. I hope others
      will add to this list as well.

      Keep looking up!

      Rob Lengacher

      Tallahassee, FL

      On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 9:48 AM, borrors <borrors@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Can anyone recommend a site in or near the Jacksonville/St. Augustine
      > area? I am definitely not seeing the same amount of birds that you are seem
      > to be reporting. Any guidance on where I might go would be greatly
      > appreciated!
      > Shawn


      Robert "Rob" Lengacher
      Tallahassee, FL

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