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On Least Terns and other musings at Crowder Road and Maryland Circle

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  • speedyg
    Early this afternoon I spent fifteen minutes checking out Lake Jackson s Crowder Road Landing. (eBird list from this site is attached.) A lonely Purple Martin
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2007
      Early this afternoon I spent fifteen minutes checking out Lake Jackson's
      Crowder Road Landing. (eBird list from this site is attached.) A lonely
      Purple Martin passed overhead as I arrived, followed by a Boat-tailed
      Grackle. The lake is surprisingly full and waders were plentiful. Two young
      kingbirds chattered from the high-and-dry docks to the north of the landing.
      Another twosome, this of Glossy Ibis, were far out across the lake,
      associating with a small group of the White variety. A "bathing brown lump"
      far off in the heat waves repeately and joyfully dunking itself finally
      flew - after five full minutes of my trying to turn it into a whistling-
      duck - to reveal itself as an Osprey. Perhaps the most notable sighting was
      the eleven Least Terns that perched on a "mud bar" three-quarters of the way
      across the lake. Where did they breed? The Winn-Dixie roof down Crowder at
      Monroe perhaps? They are certainly less plentiful in the area, both Leon and
      Wakulla, then they were five years ago, so seeing this group merrily flying
      up, circling around and settling down was a pleasing sight. As I was
      leaving, six Mississippi Kites made their presence visible, kettling to the
      north, over Faulk Drive Landing perhaps?, putting an exclamation point on
      the "change of seasons" that is the changeover from June to July.

      Earlier I enjoyed consuming a bird of another feather, the chicken, while
      checking out the famed "Maryland Circle Beaver Pond". Back in 2002 I spied
      with my little eye a Least Tern feeding a young one here. No such excitement
      today, however an enjoyable sighting indeed was the two very vocal Eastern
      Kingbirds, sallying forth from the very topmost lines on the tall power
      poles running alongside I-10. Their calls came through loud and clear,
      overcoming the traffic noise and drowning out the omnipresent Canada Geese
      and their large fuzzy goslings. I wonder how many of the human ants rushing
      to and fro along the Interstate Highway looked up to see the dimunitive
      tyrants surveying their domains? Or even cared?

      - S.P. McCool
      Wakulla County, Florida, USA
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      Subject: eBird Report - Lake Jackson: Crowder Rd Landing , 7/1/07

      Location: Lake Jackson: Crowder Rd Landing
      Observation date: 7/1/07
      Number of species: 19

      Great Blue Heron 2
      Great Egret 13
      Snowy Egret 5
      Little Blue Heron 3
      White Ibis 5
      Glossy Ibis 2
      Osprey 2
      Mississippi Kite 6
      Common Moorhen 2
      Least Tern 11
      Eastern Kingbird 2
      White-eyed Vireo 1
      American Crow 5
      Purple Martin 1
      Carolina Wren 2
      Northern Mockingbird 2
      Brown Thrasher 1
      Red-winged Blackbird 4
      Boat-tailed Grackle 5

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