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Re: [BRDBRAIN] Fw: Fwd: [GABO-L] Green Violetear - near FL border in GA!!!

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  • Robert Wallace
    Subject: Green Violet-ear @ Lake Seminole 6/14/06 From: Eric Beohm Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 13:51:12 -0700 I guess birding can be
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      Subject: Green Violet-ear @ Lake Seminole 6/14/06
      From: Eric Beohm <eric.beohm343 AT YAHOO.COM>
      Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 13:51:12 -0700
      I guess birding can be able as predictable as horse racing. I don’t gamble, but
      my trifecta for yesterday’s birding would have been a bit different from how it
      actually turned. Figuring the storm would blow in at least something, I made
      the long haul to Lake Seminole on 6/14/06. I didn’t find any Alberto birds, but
      I did find more than I wagered.

      I found a few unexpected birds, but the best was a GREEN VIOLET-EAR. From a
      lifetime of birding I guess not too much surprises me any more, but the initial
      shock of seeing this tropical hummer was like the definition of surprise. It
      was a bit dreamlike. Imagine something like a leopard walking out of the

      Here is what I wrote down just after seeing the bird:

      Much larger than ruby throated
      Body all iridescent green
      Blue patch on face
      Blue tail, square tail, no white in tail
      Curved bill, dark bill
      Wingbeats appear slower

      Location: Decatur County, GA and the Florida Line. Where Booster Club Road
      meets Jim Woodruff Powerhouse Road. JWP Road loops towards to the dam. Those
      woods by the loop is where I saw it. Then it flew west into Florida and
      disappeared. I walked around into Florida, and the habitat was lush in areas
      especially near the river. There were a couple spots that looked almost like a
      jungle, but I didn’t see many nectar hotspots.

      The bird was first seen flying from the shade into the sunlight, and the
      iridescence when the light hit the bird was amazing. The plumage did appear
      dark and rich though.

      The first few seconds I was confused as to what I seeing. It was obviously not
      a Ruby-throated. I found it interesting that the blue was on the face and not
      on the green throat. The blue tail seemed strange also. I looked for white
      spots on the tail and didn’t see any. The bird flew somewhat fast but the
      flight looked different than the familiar Ruby-throat. The slower wing beats
      gave the flight an alien aspect. The bird paused briefly about ten feet from
      me. My thought was this was a Green Violet-Ear, but I would need to check a
      field guide and make sure everything checked out (which it did).

      My impression was that it was looking for flowers, but it could have been
      looking for insects. It flew off towards the west into Florida, but who knows
      if the bird was traveling or just making the rounds. There should be houses
      less than a mile away, but who knows if they have hummingbird feeders up.

      I didn’t see any flowers around there that might attract a hummer. Just inside
      the woods though, I did notice that a line of trees had been marked with red
      paint as a way of marking a boundary line. My thought is that the bird was
      attracted to this long line of red spots and was checking the area out. Also
      there were a handful of shrubs in the area that had red berries that may have
      had the same effect.

      When I got home I was a bit surprised to find out that almost all sightings of
      this species in the United States have been in summer. (Other rare hummers show
      up in the east in the late fall or winter.) Most, if not all of the eastern
      sightings have been June through August. Though Green Violet-ear is not on the
      official state list of GA birds, there is a sight report that was accepted by
      the records committee from Thomasville, July 8, 2001.

      Anyway, that is what birding is all about. Moments of exhilaration and
      appreciation. Learning and discovering and sharing with those you know.

      Good Birding!

      Eric Beohm

      Griffin, GA


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      DIV { MARGIN:0px;} Hey Bob, Let me know the specifics on this ASAP, so I can get the word out. read a GA report said it disappeared?
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      If someone relocates this bird, please post!!!

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      From: Jack Dozier < jackdozier@...>
      Date: Jun 15, 2006 4:32 PM
      Subject: Fwd: [GABO-L] Lake Seminole 6/14/06
      To: RD Wallace <chnuts@... >

      Green Violetear!!

      >Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 07:32:35 -0700
      >Reply-To: Eric Beohm <eric.beohm343@...>
      >Sender: Georgia Birders Online < GABO-L@...>
      >From: Eric Beohm <eric.beohm343@...>
      >Subject: [GABO-L] Lake Seminole 6/14/06
      >To: GABO-L@...
      >I took the day off work Wednesday, 06/14/06 to
      >see if tropical storm Alberto may have brought
      >any birds our way. I drove to Lake Seminole
      >which is in the southwest corner of GA (Decatur,
      >Seminole County) and spent a couple hours in the
      >morning scanning. Then I did what any good,
      >veteran birdwatcher would do, I took a long
      >nap. Then I, well…scanned some more. I think
      >you get the idea. My efforts were concentrated
      >near the dam along the Booster Club Road
      >area. I left around 4pm to make the insane drive back home.
      > I was hoping for a couple of Alberto birds
      > over the lake, but I didn't see any. Talking
      > with a couple fishermen I was informed that the
      > storm didn't really produce any strong winds
      > the day before, only rain. That's ok though
      > because I had wanted to explore the area for a while anyway.
      > I found some really interesting things. Here
      > are the highlights in chronological order:
      > GLOSSY IBIS (4, first seen flying in the
      > morning, then feeding in a couple somewhat
      > distant spots. Glossys are regarded as rare inland in GA.)
      > SWALLOW-TAILED KITE (1 seen flying beside the
      > lake heading east near Booster Club
      > Road. Always fun to see especially away from
      > the known areas near the GA coast.)
      > RUDDY DUCK (2 with young. Wow! They were
      > out on the water a little ways. The ACOGB
      > (2003) says that there are at least 15 reports
      > of Ruddys in summer, but doesn't mention
      > whether breeding has ever been recorded.)
      > LAUGHING GULL (1, this may have been a
      > remnant from the storm. Also, one Ring-billed Gull and a Herring Gull.)
      > GADWALL (1 female. The bird was on the water
      > in the distance, and I suspected Gadwall, but
      > had to be sure, so I waited a good thirty
      > minutes for it to come a little closer and flap
      > its wings, etc. Listed as Accidental in summer with only four records.)
      > KING RAIL (2 heard at a marshy spot by the lake.)
      > AMERICAN KESTREL (1, always fun to see in
      > summer when it is considered rare.)
      > GREEN VIOLET-EAR (1 seen. This tropical
      > hummingbird was definitely the bird of the
      > day! The bird was just inside GA, though it
      > did cross into Florida. I saw it as it flew
      > near me and almost into me as it seemingly
      > searched for flowers. It paused long enough
      > for me to see it well. The location was the
      > area beside the dam towards the base of the dam
      > just before you cross into Florida. I will
      > send more info on this bird shortly.)
      > Also, had more common birds like: Common
      > Ground-dove, Snowy Egret, & Osprey (about
      > 30). Notable for their absence were Bald Eagles and Mississippi Kites.
      > Good Birding!
      > Eric Beohm
      > Griffin, GA
      > http://eaglecreek4.tripod.com/georgiabirdingandnature/

      Jack Dozier
      Alligator Pt., FL

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