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Fw: Fwd: [GABO-L] Green Violetear - near FL border in GA!!!

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  • Robert Wallace
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      If someone relocates this bird, please post!!!

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      Subject: Fwd: [GABO-L] Lake Seminole 6/14/06
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      Green Violetear!!

      >Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 07:32:35 -0700
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      >Subject: [GABO-L] Lake Seminole 6/14/06
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      >I took the day off work Wednesday, 06/14/06 to
      >see if tropical storm Alberto may have brought
      >any birds our way. I drove to Lake Seminole
      >which is in the southwest corner of GA (Decatur,
      >Seminole County) and spent a couple hours in the
      >morning scanning. Then I did what any good,
      >veteran birdwatcher would do, I took a long
      >nap. Then I, well…scanned some more. I think
      >you get the idea. My efforts were concentrated
      >near the dam along the Booster Club Road
      >area. I left around 4pm to make the insane drive back home.
      > I was hoping for a couple of Alberto birds
      > over the lake, but I didn't see any. Talking
      > with a couple fishermen I was informed that the
      > storm didn't really produce any strong winds
      > the day before, only rain. That's ok though
      > because I had wanted to explore the area for a while anyway.
      > I found some really interesting things. Here
      > are the highlights in chronological order:
      > GLOSSY IBIS (4, first seen flying in the
      > morning, then feeding in a couple somewhat
      > distant spots. Glossys are regarded as rare inland in GA.)
      > SWALLOW-TAILED KITE (1 seen flying beside the
      > lake heading east near Booster Club
      > Road. Always fun to see especially away from
      > the known areas near the GA coast.)
      > RUDDY DUCK (2 with young. Wow! They were
      > out on the water a little ways. The ACOGB
      > (2003) says that there are at least 15 reports
      > of Ruddys in summer, but doesn't mention
      > whether breeding has ever been recorded.)
      > LAUGHING GULL (1, this may have been a
      > remnant from the storm. Also, one Ring-billed Gull and a Herring Gull.)
      > GADWALL (1 female. The bird was on the water
      > in the distance, and I suspected Gadwall, but
      > had to be sure, so I waited a good thirty
      > minutes for it to come a little closer and flap
      > its wings, etc. Listed as Accidental in summer with only four records.)
      > KING RAIL (2 heard at a marshy spot by the lake.)
      > AMERICAN KESTREL (1, always fun to see in
      > summer when it is considered rare.)
      > GREEN VIOLET-EAR (1 seen. This tropical
      > hummingbird was definitely the bird of the
      > day! The bird was just inside GA, though it
      > did cross into Florida. I saw it as it flew
      > near me and almost into me as it seemingly
      > searched for flowers. It paused long enough
      > for me to see it well. The location was the
      > area beside the dam towards the base of the dam
      > just before you cross into Florida. I will
      > send more info on this bird shortly.)
      > Also, had more common birds like: Common
      > Ground-dove, Snowy Egret, & Osprey (about
      > 30). Notable for their absence were Bald Eagles and Mississippi Kites.
      > Good Birding!
      > Eric Beohm
      > Griffin, GA
      > http://eaglecreek4.tripod.com/georgiabirdingandnature/

      Jack Dozier
      Alligator Pt., FL

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