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    RBA *Alabama *Statewide *September 29, 2003 *ALST0309.29 ... ======================================== YELLOW WAGTAIL (1st state record, p.a.) VIRGINIA S
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      *September 29, 2003

      --- Species added since last report ---

      YELLOW WAGTAIL (1st state record, p.a.)
      VIRGINIA'S WARBLER (1st state record, p.a.)

      --- Species previously reported ---


      Please note: Species CAPITALIZED above are on the Alabama Bird Records
      Committee review list.
      Check the AOS website (address below - look in Alabama Bird Record Committee
      section) for forms and suggestions on how to submit your sightings of these
      species to the state database. Please send observations with appropriate

      Greg D. Jackson
      2220 Baneberry Drive, Birmingham, AL 35244
      Fax: 205/987-5167

      Alabama Ornithological Society website:
      Alabama RBA archives:

      - Transcript

      Hotline: Alabama Ornithological Society Rare Bird Alert
      Date: September 29, 2003
      Number: 256/751-4788
      Compiler: Steve W. McConnell
      Email: swmavocet@...

      NOTE: Where possible, DeLorme Alabama Atlas coordinates [DeAL xx-xx]are
      provided following each site description. Page references to the AOS
      Guide to Alabama [BGtA p. xx] will also be included for birding locations
      described therein. See the AOS website for information on how to obtain
      bird finding guide.

      Alabama Rare Bird Report - Monday, September 29, 2003.

      Ft. Morgan was certainly the place to be birding today with not one but TWO
      potential first state records seen back-to-back!!!

      First, a bird described as a VIRGINIA'S WARBLER was briefly seen in the
      stable area at around 9:00 a.m. perched in a pine tree. After the bird flew
      could not be relocated.

      Then at around 11:30 a.m. an apparent 1st winter YELLOW WAGTAIL was
      discovered in the scrubby sand dune area between the seawall and Mobile
      Point. After
      more observers assembled the bird was relocated at 2:00 p.m. by listening
      its distinctive call and was then seen more or less continuously until 5:15
      when the last birder left the area. During the day the bird was well
      observed and at times posed for extended scope views in bush tops and
      shrubs. The wagtail appears to consistently associate with Palm Warblers
      and gives
      a call during its undulating flight described to be "somewhat like an
      Kingbird or American Pipit, quite unlike the Palm Warbler's chip."

      This reporter is aware of no accepted U.S. records for this species in the
      Lower 48 east of Nevada so wagtail searchers are encouraged to utilize
      video recorders, etc., in documenting this ultra-rarity.

      Needless to say results of searches for either of these birds (positive or
      negative) are highly desired! Please note that Ft. Morgan park officially
      at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 5:00 p.m. Be sure to pay your $3 entrance fee so
      birders won't get a bad name. Birders are welcome to walk from the parking
      lot around the fort to the south to reach the seawall and beyond, however,
      please avoid walking or driving through the residential area south of the
      fort and
      disturbing residents there. [DeAL 64-B4][BGtA p. 24]

      The fall meeting of the Alabama Ornithological Society will be 10/10-12 on
      Dauphin Island. The Hummer/Bird Study Group will be banding at Ft. Morgan
      10/4-18. Visitors are welcome!

      The following may be called for information:
      Birding in Alabama: Greg Jackson (205/987-2855)
      Alabama Ornithological Society: Allen Tubbs (251/345-1012)
      Alabama Breeding Bird Atlas project: Rick West (800/707-4382 or
      Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitation Center hotline: (205/320-6189)

      Please leave messages about new birds and feedback on reported species after
      the tone. Sighting information, and requests for regular email transcripts,
      can be submitted by email to:

      Thank you.

      -End Transcript

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