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Florida RBA possible THICK-BILLED VIREO 04/01/03

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  • Brian Ahern
    RBA * Florida * Statewide * Date April 01, 2003 * FLFL0304.01 -Birds mentioned: ++THICK-BILLED VIREO**++ (possible) ++BAHAMA MOCKINGBIRD++ (possible)
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2003
      * Florida
      * Statewide
      * Date April 01, 2003
      * FLFL0304.01

      -Birds mentioned:
      ++THICK-BILLED VIREO**++ (possible)
      ++BAHAMA MOCKINGBIRD++ (possible)
      ++RED-LEGGED HONEYCREEPER**++ (not seen)

      **This is a review species in Florida. Any details of sightings
      should be sent to the FOS Records Committee at the address given at
      the end of this report

      to report e-mail: BrianAhern@...
      compiler: Brian Ahern
      transcriber: Same

      This is Brian Ahern reporting a SPECIAL Florida Rare Bird Alert for
      04/02/03. This report is sponsored by FLORIDA NATURE TOURS, which
      offers tours to the Dry Tortugas, South Florida, private guiding and
      a special Pelagic Trip off of Ponce Inlet on May 17th. For
      information go to http://www.floridanaturetours.com or call 407-363-
      1360. Reports are followed by coordinates from the DeLorme Florida
      Atlas & Gazetteer and the page number of Bill Pranty's ABA guide "A
      Birder's Guide to Florida" when possible.

      A possible 1st year female BAHAMA MOCKINGBIRD was found at Lucky
      Hammock Saturday 29th, located 1/4 mile south of Rt.#9336 which is
      the main road into the east entrance of the main part of Everglades
      National Park, at the last left turn (South) where a large sign
      directs to Glades Youth Camp. The bird was seen on the East side of
      the road, perched on top of the bare limbs of a small tree, opposite
      the South side of the Hammock (J. Swarr). DeLorme p. 122

      The RED-LEGGED HONEYCREEPER found on Boca Chita Key was last seen on
      Thrusday 27th despite efforts to relocate the bird over the weekend
      by many birders.

      A possible THICK-BILLED VIREO was seen at Indigenous Park on Key West
      Sunday 30th. It was seen along with a White-eyed Vireo that gave a
      good comparison. A description of the bird from the observer
      states "bright yellow lore-supraloral area contrasting markedly with
      a bold white eye-ring; dark eye; upperparts including nape dusky
      olive, not gray; undersides pale with very little impression of
      yellow; thick grayish bill. I know the TBVI bill is not really that
      much thicker than the bill of a WEVI, but the jizz was a "big, gray"
      bill. Also, the white-yellow color contrast between the lore & the
      eye-ring was of the "wow" sort" (S. White). DeLorme p. 127; Pranty p.

      Good Birding!

      Documentation of rarities for FL Ornithological Society Records
      Committee should be sent to:
      FOSRC, c/o Archbold Biological Station, PO Box 2057,
      Lake Placid FL 33862.
      Website: http://www.fosbirds.org/

      Florida Rare Bird Alert Mail-list: To subscribe go to:

      Florida Birding website: http://www.javaswift.com/floridabirds/
      FLORIDABIRDS-L website: http://bkpass.tripod.com/floridabirds.htm

      For more information on Florida bird sightings, locations, and
      discussion please visit the following archives:
      Statewide sightings/discussion listserv:
      BIRDBRAINS: http://listserv.admin.usf.edu/archives/brdbrain.html
      FLABIRDING: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FlaBirding/
      FLORIDABIRDS-L: http://www.lists.ufl.edu/archives/floridabirds-l.html
      Regional sightings/discussion listservs:
      North Florida: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nflbirds/
      East Florida: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Eastbirders/
      Southwest Florida: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SWFLBirdline/
      Southeast Florida: http://tropicalaudubon.org/tasboard/index.html

      Brian Ahern
      Tampa, FL.
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