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89321st year Lark Sparrow in Jefferson County

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  • markkiser9
    Aug 28, 2014

      Selena located an unusual sparrow on our lawn this morning. We managed to get a few looks at it from inside the house before it flew off. We've concluded it was a 1st year Lark Sparrow. It had already lost the heavy streaking of its juvenile stage shown in Sibley but it had not quite attained the full, bold head pattern shown for 1st winter birds. It had acquired the small white auricular patch and the bold white malar stripe shown in the immature stage in the Smithsonian guide (best photo match). Its bold white-cornered tail markings were evident when it flew.


      Keep your eyes open, you never know what the day will bring!


      Happy trails,


      Mark and Selena Kiser

      Monticello, FL