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891Leon: Macclay Gardens [2 Oct]

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  • Swamphen
    Oct 2, 2002
      Hi all,

      Went up to Alfred B. Macclay Gardens State Park this afternoon in search of
      White-breasted Nuthatch. Found it, quite easily in fact. A question: is
      Macclay Gardens a good spot to try for Dark-eyed Junco?

      The following birds were seen:

      Red-tailed Hawk (1, immature, parking lot)
      Mourning Dove (heard only)
      Red-bellied Woodpecker
      White-eyed Vireo
      Red-eyed Vireo (2, trees at pond, late?)
      Blue Jay
      Carolina Chickadee (heard only)
      Tufted Titmouse
      White-breasted Nuthatch (1, Macclay House)
      Brown-headed Nuthatch
      Carolina Wren (heard only)
      Eastern Bluebird
      Summer Tanager (1, immature male, start of path, late?)
      Gray Catbird
      Northern Mockingbird
      Brown Thrasher
      Eastern Towhee (heard only)
      Northern Cardinal
      House Finch (pair?)

      Crawfordville, Wakulla County, Florida
      "Walk softly, and carry a big scope"

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