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8767Sedge Wren, etc.

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  • ROC
    Feb 25, 2014
      I recently saw a post from Rob that listed, among other observations, a Sedge Wren.  I don't see Sedge Wren on many local posts.  My experience may be of use to the newer birders and those that don't get out nearly every day.  I have found that the Sedge Wren has a couple of traits that make it a little harder to find. My easiest place to find them locally is along the edge of lakes where they hang out in very dense grass.  My experience has taught me to be more patient with the Sedge Wren.  Unlike the Carolina, Marsh and House Wren species,  Sedge Wren are often quite when called and sneak in on the ground.  I sit very still and often they silently, furtively and slowly come in up to five plus minutes after they are called.

      Today was the first day this "Spring" that I had a Wood Stork riding the thermals over a local colony site.  The Anhinga (three pair) that nest near them stay visible on the thermals all winter with the vultures but the Wood Stork from this colony generally seem to have more pressing matters to attend to in December and January.

      The three Mississippi Kite nests in my backyard (they fledged young again last year) are visible for only a couple of months every year.  They have used the same "gum" tree three years in a row, and all three nests are almost identical in height from the ground (50') and size, two are close to the main trunk and one is on a limb that parallels the main trunk.  The new buds are so thick on the Sweet Gum that the nests will be impossible to spot from the ground within a few days.

      I'm gearing up for spring again, last year I found two active Am. Robin nests, one of which I filmed and photographed the adult birds and young during nest building, feeding young, etc.  I'm still not sure if the robins I see nesting locally are edge of range "pioneers" that are replaced every year, or a true resident population.  One robin nest may have made a police report as a downtown resident called in a suspicious person report that led to my speaking with an officer at a nest site.

      Rodney Cassidy
      Tallahassee, Florida