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8726Not too far from Florida: Little Gull

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  • dotrobbins@juno.com
    Jan 19, 2014
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      Jan 17 report of Little Gull on GA/SC border. With flock of Bonapartes.

      Not all that far from Florida! Heads up!

      Dotty Robbins
      High Springs FL

      Subject: Fwd: LITTLE GULL on Lake Hartwell
      Date: Fri Jan 17 2014 14:45 pm
      From: offshorebirder AT gmail.com Paul Lehman just called me to report an adult LITTLE GULL he is

      viewing from the dam overlook (on the SC side) of Lake Hartwell. Any

      birders not familiar with Paul should know that he is one of the most

      impeccable observers in the world and that you can take his reports to

      the bank!

      Paul says the Little Gull is associating with a couple of hundred

      Bonaparte's Gulls in a large flock - they are a bit left of the

      left-hand member of the pair of islands visible from the dam. From

      the sound of his description, the bird is right around the SC/GA line,

      perhaps a tad east of it.

      Paul said when the Little Gull gets up off the water it is not hard to

      distinguish in flight.

      * The bird might also currently be visible from the Elrod Ferry

      Recreation Area or Long Point Recreation Area. And tomorrow - who

      knows where it will be...

      Happy chasing,

      Nathan Dias - Charleston, SC

      - See more at: http://birding.aba.org/message.php?mesid=605863&MLID=GA&MLNM=Georgia#sthash.glSx6bfB.dpuf