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8638St. Marks NWR--Thursday Morning

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  • Don Morrow
    Nov 7, 2013
      I spent four hours at the refuge this morning starting at 7:00 am and logged a total of 72 species including eight species of waterfowl. There were many Swamp Sparrows along the dikes and Harriers were also abundant. I had two separate Cooper's Hawk sightings and Bald Eagles were also in high numbers. There was a female Indigo Bunting near the platform at Headquarters Pond.

      Some highlights included:

      Stony Bayou I
      Black-bellied Plover
      Semipalmated Plover
      Black-necked Stilt
      Greater Yellowlegs
      Western Sandpiper
      Least Sandpiper
      Forester's Tern

      Stony Bayou II (most of the action was at the East end)
      American Bittern
      Black-crowned Night-Heron
      Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
      Green-winged Teal
      Blue-winged Teal
      Purple Gallinule
      Limpkin (heard calling from the swamps at the Northeast corner)
      Bobolink (female bird on South dike)

      Mounds Pool III (most of the ducks were on the North end, near the T-dike)
      Green-winged Teal
      Blue-winged Teal
      Northern Pintail
      American Coot (including one leucistic bird that was almost pure white)

      Common Loon (several)
      Horned Grebe (one)

      The first of the winter wildlife tours is on Saturday. Call the refuge at 850.925.6121 to reserve a spot. The refuge is always a great place to spend a few hours birding, especially with the weather changing.

      Good Birding.

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