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8625Re: [nflbirds] Indigo Bunting

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  • Jim Stevenson
    Nov 3, 2013
      You have taken some excellent pictures of a juvenile male Indigo Bunting, a fairly late individual.
      Sounds like you have a great yard!
      Sent: Sunday, November 03, 2013 10:54 AM
      Subject: [nflbirds] Indigo Bunting

      Good Morning,
      I'm fairly certain that I have been seeing an immature Indigo Bunting in my yard, the past two days, but would appreciate cofirmation from better birders.  I have good pictures for identifying, at the attached link, to my website.  Yesterday afternoon the bird was attracted to my mister. (the first two pictures)  What caught my attention, in field, was the shape and color of the bill.  The bill, almost looked pink, from my view.  The first picture shows the conical shape and two toned bill.  In the second picture, you can see it's tail shape.  The last two pictures were taken this morning, as the bird was foraging in my hedgerow, and graciously posed, for me, unobstructed, on a Primrose Jasmine.  In the third picture, you can see a tinge of blue color in it's tail.  Can it be determined from these pictures if the bird is a female or male?  I assume, that this is a late migrant.
      Otherwise, in my yard, this week, I have many Yellow-rump Warblers, Palm Warblers a Chipping Sparrow, Pine Warbler, White-eyd Vireo, seen, once, yesterday, phoebe, a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers, an unsuccessful, hunting sharpie, and four bluebirds.
      Thanks for your help.
      Glenda Simmons
      Eastside Tallahassee
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