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8434St Marks NWR-Tuesday Morning

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  • Don Morrow
    Apr 23, 2013
      During and after a late season Loon survey (68 birds) at St. Marks, I saw the following:

      From the viewing platform at the lighthouse, while looning
      Sora (calling)
      Clapper Rail (calling)
      Marbled Godwit (14 flying East along the coast)
      Peregrine Falcon
      Red-breasted Merganser
      Chimney Swift
      Cattle Egret (six sitting on the old boat house pilings when I arrived)
      Seaside Sparrow

      Mounds Pool Trail
      Green Heron (several new arrivals)
      Northern Parula
      Tennessee Warbler
      Blue-winged Warbler
      Yellow Warbler
      Magnolia Warbler
      Yellow-rumped Warbler
      Palm Warbler
      Blackpoll Warbler
      Yellow-throated Warbler
      Black-and-white Warbler
      Common Yellowthroat
      Hooded Warbler
      Indigo Bunting
      Brown-headed Cowbird

      Tower Pond (no Avocets!) about 200 shorebirds total
      Semipalmated Plover
      Wilson's Plover
      Black-necked Stilt (30 stalwarts)
      Lesser Yellowlegs
      Dunlin (one in breeding plumage)
      Short-billed Dowitcher (most now in breeding plumage)
      Wilson's Phalarope (short-timer, left while I was there)

      When I first arrived at the refuge around 6:30 am, I had Chuck-wills-widow both calling and sitting in the road. I had Barred Owl and Great-horned Owl calling. There are still Catbirds everywhere.

      Good birding.

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