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7990Quiet day at Phipps Park - Ovenbird

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  • Robert Lengacher
    Sep 3, 2012
      Hi everyone,

      Elliot's recent posts inspired me to check out Elinor-Klapp Phipps Park
      this morning. It was hot, muggy, extremely quiet (bird-wise), with no
      standing water in creeks or anywhere else (other than the stream that is
      visible near markers S and Z).
      3 hours, about 4 miles (with some deliberate backtracking) and only 30
      species! Despite it all, it was a nice (and all to rare outing). Highlights:

      - Ovenbird (1) - Sighted along Creek Forest Trail between markers G and
      GH, about .1 mile past G. I may be crazy, but I thought I heard it give a
      scruffy "chuck" vocalization. At least whatever made that sound got me to
      look right at the Ovenbird on a downed tree. At first I thought Hermit
      Thrush, but the time of year, and clear looks at the bird quickly changed
      my mind.
      - Veery (1) - Not actually rare in my book, but eBird thought it was. I
      heard a few and saw one in our Indianhead Acres backyard when I got home
      - Other warblers: Hooded, Pine, Northern Parula, & Yellow-throated.

      Trail map for Elinor-Klapp Phipps Park:
      Ebird checklist for this trip:

      Robert "Rob" Lengacher
      Tallahassee, FL

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