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7691Re: [nflbirds] RT Hummer arrival dates

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  • Vincent P Lucas
    Mar 16, 2012
      FYI . . . .

      Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are here all winter in SW FL and breed at
      places like Corkscrew Sanctuary here in Collier County . . . .


      Vincent P. Lucas
      Naples, FL

      On Mar 16, 2012, at 8:03 AM, Jim Stevenson wrote:

      > This, our only eastern species of hummer, has actually been seen
      > arriving occasionally in late February. And yes, the males do show
      > up first, despite their inability to stop and ask for directions
      > (maybe the gals have more luggage). It is not unusual to see them
      > anytime in March.
      > It has always been curious to me that the only breeding hummer in
      > the East is almost the least likely to winter. As they say in
      > Louisiana, Geaux figger.
      > They also join a number of birds in being trans-Gulf in spring but
      > largely circum-Gulf in fall. Here in Texas, they are seen in droves
      > in September, flying right down the beach, following the contour of
      > the Gulf�s edge.
      > BTW, early arriving RTs are quite fond of the colorful thistles that
      > grow along the roadsides.
      > This year�s jet stream, staying so far to the North, won�t produce
      > many exciting days for bird groundings (until things change), but is
      > better for the survival rate of the incoming. Of course, that does
      > little for Natural Selection. Life�s a series of compromises.
      > Have a nice weekend,
      > Jim
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