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731CERULEAN warbler, Aug. 1

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  • Fran Rutkovsky
    Aug 1, 2002
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      Let the fall warbler parade begin! This morning I had a female
      Hooded Warbler in the tree behind the birdbath at the edge of
      the ravine. This afternoon I had a "first fall male"
      (Dunn & Garrett Warbler guide) CERULEAN warbler in the same tree,
      coming to the mister. Yes, I know we have daily rain. But the birds
      and I like the mister-baths in the afternoon when it's sunny
      (and during lunch, when I can watch them).

      I also usually have 3 Rubythroats around.

      Fran C. Rutkovsky
      Tallahassee, FL
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