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6372Re: [nflbirds] Spring reports for FFN

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  • swamphen@heirborn.net
    Jun 1, 2010
      Hi John,

      Here's my submissions for NAB/FFN for spring. One obs is out-of-area,
      but I'm not sure who to send it to, can you handle that? Thanks.

      -Sean P. McCool
      Wakulla County, Florida, USA

      All observations by Sean McCool.

      Notes: Migrants seemed scarce this year. Kingbirds seem conspicious by
      their near absence.

      Lesser Scaup, 1 male, Mashes Sands County Park, Wakulla, 6 May

      Northern Bobwhite, heard calling in agricultural area WSW of Live Oak
      (Rocky Sink Baptist Church), Suwannee, 28 May

      Common Loon, 1 (flyby) at Sunrise Beach (Bald Point SP), Franklin, 4 May

      Magnificent Frigatebird, 2 (1 juv 1 ad. male) at Sunrise Beach (Bald
      Point SP), Franklin, 4 May

      Swallow-tailed Kite, first of season, Ivan, Wakulla, 29 March

      Mississippi Kite, first of season, Medart, Wakulla, 1 April

      American Golden-Plover, 2 at Tower Pond, St. Marks NWR, Wakulla, 12 April

      Whimbrel, 1 at Levy Bay Landing, Wakulla, 6 May; 3 at Mashes Sands
      County Park, Wakulla, 25 May

      Upland Sandpiper, 1 northwest of Carabelle, Franklin, 4 April

      Sanderling, 32 at Mashes Sands County Park, Wakulla, 4 May

      Northern Parula, 1 singing in Edgewater, Volusia (unusually south?), 31 May

      Bobolink, 1 male, Southwood, Leon, 2 May

      White-throated Sparrow, 3 lingering, Tom Brown Park, Leon, 10 April
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