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  • Joseph Asarisi
    Feb 19, 2010
      When I moved here 10 years ago from S Fl I put mealworms out hopefully. My 5 acres is mostly wooded and there is a hay farm across the road. Two Bluebirds came by once and no more. We don't even see them near the hayfield along thr power lines. However, I still put out mealworms and an E Phoebe will set at the feeder and wait for them, especially on very cold days. As soon as I put them out he lands on the feeder. Cardinals, C Wrens , Chippies, Chickadees and Titmice also take them. We have been having lots of birds yhe last few weeks including flocks of Robins that root around in all the leaves for bugs.
      Joe and alice
      Suwannee County
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