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5954Another birding spot in Tallahassee - A Gail Menk Posting

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  • Marvin Collins
    Dec 3, 2009
      On November 10th Elizabeth Platt and I visited a park at the intersection of northwest Tallahassee's Trimble and Pecan Roads, which is being groomed by the county and should prove to be a handy retreat for nature lovers. Two retention ponds there are surrounded by a variety of bird-friendly shade trees, and the park extends into a sheltered area, which currently is home to two black-legged foxes. There naturalist Matt Morris and his students from nearby Cornerstone Learning Community have planted two dozen or more long-leaf pine saplings, which at last report are thriving.

      Since mid-March I have listed five wading birds in the ponds, and on April 16 I also listed four solitary sandpipers. A good number of songbirds have frequented the park since November. Elizabeth and I agree that it is a good place to get away "from the madding crowd."

      Enjoy, Fellow Birders!

      Gail E. Menk

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