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5699TFS Movie-June 13

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  • Pam Flynn
    Jun 3, 2009
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      Get your tickets early or reserve them through the link below.
      A second show has been added to the evening.

      TFS in partnership
      with St. Francis Wildlife
      presents at
      Two shows
      Saturday, June 13 at 5PM and 7 PM
      $7 general admission � $5 TFS members � $5 students with ID
      �On The Wing� tells the story of a remarkable flock of birds
      that became the heart of a wonderful American city where
      people work to coexist with nature instead of smoking it
      out. The stars of �On The Wing� are tiny birds called Vaux
      swifts that, since the early 1980�s, have taken up residence
      in the chimney of a Portland, Oregon Elementary School
      during the month of September. Each night during the
      swifts� residency, thousands of them fill the sky above
      Chapman Elementary School. Just before sunset, the
      birds form a dramatic vortex and dive into the chimney in
      an amazing aerial display. In years past, the flock has
      been estimated to be the largest collection of roosting
      swifts in North America at nearly 40,000 birds.
      Since the early 1990�s, the event has become a cult
      phenomenon in Portland, drawing hundreds and sometimes
      thousands of people nightly to watch the amazing
      display. They sit at attention in awe of the birds but burst
      out in cheers and jeers as birds of prey roar through the
      flock of swifts. The event has become a must see during
      the fall in Portland.
      The film documents the birds� 2007 residency. Interviews
      with members of the crowd, Chapman Elementary School
      neighbors and faculty, Audubon Society of Portland staff
      and a cast of characters explain how the phenomenon
      came to be and how it has evolved into what it is today.
      Amazing footage of the birds, including a view from inside
      the chimney, gives audiences an extraordinary, never-before-
      seen view of the swifts.
      (2008. Color. Unrated. 61 minutes)

      Sponsored in part by the city of Tallahassee
      and the Council on Culture and Arts
      St. Francis Wildlife education director
      Sandy Beck will present a short program
      about chimney swifts and kites � other
      amazing neotropical birds that call north
      Florida home during their breeding season.
      Meet �Havana,� a live Mississippi kite, and
      learn what you can do to attract and help
      nature�s bug zappers. A portion of tonight�s
      ticket sales will benefit the St. Francis
      Wildlife rehabilitation center.
      All Saints Cinema, 9181/2 Railroad Avenue
      386-4404 for more info � www.tallahasseefilms.com
      email: filmnews@...

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